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the go-to place for people who want healthier
options and we can customize programs to company
goals and even slowly phase them in and
allow people time to adapt, " Arone remarked.
" You name it, we'll deliver it, from fresh and
frozen food to ice cream, to specialty coffee, "
Roselando added. " No one on a client's premises
should ever walk away frustrated or disappointed
by the fare they offer in vending, micro
markets and coffee service. "
One of the most pronounced trends in
vending that supports the movement toward
healthier and more upscale fare, which often
come at a higher price, is that cashless payments
now represent 85% of AFV's vending sales.
" It's an unbelievable thing how quickly it
AFV driver Jeury
Polanco loads his
truck for the day's
has ramped up to such a level, and it shows the
importance of accommodating all payment
options on all machines, " Arone observed.
In a highly competitive environment,
still has its place and always will, according to
the AFV executives.
When the pandemic abruptly shut down
locations and the machines that AFV operated
within them, the operators took advantage of the
downtime to rescale, reexamine planograms and
inventories, reroute and reschedule.
" Vending works for all places including those
American Food
and Vending
Founded: 1981
Headquarters: Woburn, MA
Number of employees: 72
Number of routes: 31
Number of vending machines:
Number of micro markets: 120
Equipment providers: Bevi,
CPI, Keurig, Nespresso
Tech providers: Avanti Markets,
CPI, LightSpeed Automation,
Three Square Markets
that are spread out and where more security is
needed than with a micro
market where we always have
to be hawks to curb theft, "
Roselando pointed out.
Over the past three
months, AFV acquired a
new round of vending business
in healthcare and B&I
locations through its partnerships
with foodservice
companies and contracts
with hospitals.
Many locations are
attracted to its own branded
" Choose Well " and " Here's
to your Health " wellness
programs with food, snack
and beverage options that
have become increasingly
sought after.
" Stickers on our
machines designate them as
40 Automatic Merchandiser * September 2021
AFV sets itself apart from many local vending
machine operators with a one-hour response
guarantee for emergency repairs and by providing
service 24 hours a day, seven days a week,
with route technicians on call around the clock.
Its route drivers are also trained in repairing
equipment, which helps facilitate most machine
repairs and minimizes downtime.
AFV's mantra, in line with a growing number of
its customers, is " Reduce, Reuse, Recycle " wherever
possible. " We care about the environment as
much as our customers do, " Arone emphasized.
The company exclusively installs Energy
Star-certified equipment, which uses ecofriendly
refrigerants and is 40% more energy-efficient
than standard machine models. Energy Starcertified
vending machines incorporate more
efficient compressors, fan motors and lighting
systems to keep beverages just as cold and the
machine visible while consuming less energy.
They come with a low-power mode option that
allows the vending machine to be placed in lowenergy
lighting and/or low-energy refrigeration
states during times of inactivity.
AFV also provides recycling containers at
the locations it serves and regularly schedules
removal and maintenance of its products and
bins. The company also uses biodegradable
packaging and recycles all of its own cardboard.


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