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Roselando and Arone are hopeful that they
have turned a corner on COVID's darkest
days, with far more opportunities than challenges
ahead. Right now, the most significant
of remaining challenges they confront, like
most operators in all regions report, are supply
chain disruptions across all categories and
labor shortages.
" All companies have supply issues from
a giant blip on our planet with COVID that
paused the world and it's further compounded
by hiring issues, " Roselando commented
" Encore Casino in Boston recently
announced that they don't have enough dealers
for their poker tables, which shows just
how crazy it's gotten. "
AFV was forced to reduce its staff from
75 to 25 employees within the early months
of the pandemic and has been on a relentless
hiring spree to boost its team to a staff of
72. Ramping up its staff to higher levels in a
tight labor market will be a welcome problem
to have if it means more business to be had,
Roselando added.
" If vending companies operate the way
they have been without micro markets and
a good coffee program and understanding
customers' changing needs, they will be out
of business, " Arone concluded. " The large
companies get it to a point but for many local
guys, it's a tough thing for them to realize they
need to provide all areas of service. OCS was
decimated by the pandemic and even now
many companies are not coming back; leases
are turned over. You need micro markets and
vending or you can't cover that loss. The good
news is, there are new opportunities for our
industry that are ironically a direct result of
the pandemic. " ■
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With so many
top-quality food
options on hand,
employees no
longer need
to leave the
building for
breaks, reducing
travel time and
time spent away
from the office. "
Patrick Arone,
AFV vice president
Mike Ferguson - VMAC Solutions has over 30 years' Vending
& OCS industry experience, an ex-operator turned intermediary
business broker. I speak fluent Vending and Office Coffee.
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