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with every order. " We've also reached out to untraditional
distributors like grocery, c-store and even restaurant
distributors, " he said. " We are now ordering from seven
different distributors. It's a lot to manage, but it's better than
not having any product at all! "
Giambra has also been navigating supply chain shortages
that have led to long delays receiving new vending machines.
" We started the ordering process from Seaga in August
Giambra welcomes latest shipment of Seaga vending machines
and readies them for deployment.
customers but also to anyone in the industry who reaches
out for his assistance, and he continues to take all of his
calls personally.
" I always try to help other vending companies, and I see
my competitors as colleagues, " he commented. " I've even
worked on their machines, sold them parts, given advice,
and have had the opportunity to buy many of them out.
We're all in this together. I have been helped by other
companies and colleagues in the industry, and I want to
be able to share that knowledge with others. "
The good news is demand for convenience services is back
in full swing. Despite some locations that have shifted to
remote work not having full staff onsite, and some that
have gone fully remote, there
are plenty seeking Giambra's
vending and growing OCS and
pantry services as never before
to cater to employees in a market
where it's tough to find and
retain talent.
But one of the biggest
There are so
many obstacles
to navigate
because the
supply chain
is daunting to
overcome. "
- Josh Giambra
challenges Giambra is grappling
with, like everyone in every
industry, is supply chain
disruptions, leaving it short of
key products and equipment.
" Getting products has
been incredibly challenging.
If we get 60% of our order on
almost every order, we're lucky, " the operator lamented.
" We have empty slots in machines. We can only double
up on so many. "
Becoming tired of seeing empty slots in his machines,
he decided to branch out from strict planograms and
contacted his distributor and asked if they could substitute
out-of-stock items with something else in their warehouse
40 Automatic Merchandiser * April 2022
and we only recently received the last of the machines in
mid-March; that's how bad it is. They have no control over
the delays and challenges either, and it's a ripple effect, " he
remarked. " There are so many obstacles to navigate because
the supply chain is daunting to overcome. The good news
is that everyone knows about the supply chain challenges
everywhere in their lives. I'm thankful that my customers
have been so patient and flexible waiting for their equipment,
and understanding when we just can't get the exact
products they want. "
Giambra Vending opened its first micro market in 2021 at
an existing technology company it served in Fort Walton,
Florida, two hours away from the vending company's headquarters,
that requested the transition from vending.
" We are very happy with our first market and so is the
location. There are no coin or bill jams or product hanging.
They just scan the item, so there are relatively no issues and
it's OK that we are two hours away, " Giambra commented.
" Our goal is to respond to any service call within 24 hours,
which we are able to manage, but we're also looking for
someone local to oversee the location and others as we
continue to expand. "
Before opening his first micro market, Giambra had
done his homework and determined three rules in order
for a location to qualify for his investment in installing and
operating a self-checkout store, which requires a $3,000
monthly minimum in revenue.
First is that if there's any shortage from theft, the location
is liable to pay Giambra or to terminate the employee who
stole. The second is that the location absorbs the cost for
spoilage of any fresh foods items. And the final rule is
that the location has a pest-control contract, and if not, the
location must pay for an extermination service should there
be any issue.
" One of our core values is flexibility so this system lets
us manage spoilage, " Giambra said. " For micro markets, the
account has to meet the minimum revenue agreed upon; if
they don't, they are billed for the remaining balance. "
Giambra Vending has recently added prekitting to its warehouse
operation and is in the process of reconfiguring the


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