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with PPE

Setup here illustrates
Alliant Coffee
Solutions' individually
wrapped coffee
counter items, which
balance sanitation
with sustainability.
Alliant Coffee Solutions

Convenience service operators can
play a lead role in America's safe
return to workplaces
By Emily Jed, Contributing Editor


ith COVID-19 vaccinations
incrementally making their
way into the arms of the U.S.
population, more employees
will likely begin to feel more comfortable transitioning from remote at-home
work back to the office in the coming
months, provided every precaution to
ensure their safety is in place.
Operators responded to COVID-19's unprecedented sanitization
Touch Point Science's Safertouch
antimicrobial overlays keep public and
workplace touchscreens free of microbial
Touch Point Science


and social distancing demands early
on and have been instrumental
wherever possible in the gradual, safe
reopening of the accounts they serve.
Many began making face masks and
hand sanitizer available through vending and at micro markets, and supplying personal protective equipment to
locations for easy distribution to and
access by their employees.
Operators have also worked hand
in hand with locations to help implement and adhere to more rigorous protocols for regular, thorough cleaning
and disinfection of coffee and vending
machines, along with equipment kiosk
screens, touchpads and buttons. In
some locations, for example, the norm
is now to provide disinfectant wipes
near vending machines.

Automatic Merchandiser * February/March 2021

Many operators have taken it a
step further by adding sanitization
as a service, which includes applying
next-generation products that limit
transmission of the virus on hightouch surfaces (defined as any area
sustaining more than one contact
per interaction).
Suppliers have also stepped up by
adding to the arsenal new COVIDinspired breakroom solutions,
including touchless coffee brewing,
dispensing and vending equipment,
and individually wrapped condiments,
cups and utensils.
While the return to locations
will continue to be gradual and may
not reach pre-COVID levels rapidly,
the downtime only provides more
opportunity to be gained by tak-



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