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- for operators, with " return to work "
breakroom guidelines to educate
employees and reassure them about
their safety.

New York City-born RISE Brewing Co.'s nitro cold brew coffee has
become a well-established breakroom favorite over the past few years.
Its flagship organic Original Black
is naturally sweet (with no added
sugar), high in caffeine, low in acidity
and dairy free, with a smooth, frothy
texture. RISE also offers a line of
organic oat milk lattes.
RISE is available in kegs and in
shelf-stable 7-fl.oz. ready-to-drink
cans in a variety of flavors. The lineup
became available through Dot Foods
starting Feb. 22 to make the drinks
more accessible to OCS, vending
and micro market operators.

RISE delivers smooth, frothy nitro coffee
experience in shelf-stable 7-fl.oz. cans
and kegs.
RISE Brewing Co.

" Helping our partners manage
inventory risk is going to be a big part
of our strategy in 2021, and we feel Dot
is going to be a part of that story, " said
RISE director of sales for foodservice,
OCS and on-premise Jared Ray. " With
Dot as a partner, our distributors will
be able to order just a few cases or kegs
at a time to serve their clients' needs. "
Ray added that many operators
and clients who formerly purchased

RISE kegs are now also adding their
shelf-stable 7-fl.oz. cans. " They
provide an easy solution that is more
hands-free and equipment-light than
kegs, " he explained. " We also work
with several different companies that
offer touchless dispensing for cold
brew kegs, but we are finding the easiest solution is the simplest - and that
is our 7-fl.oz. cans. "

Another refreshing coffee-based
breakroom perk with an added functional boost and growing brand power
is Kitu Super Coffee, which entered
the OCS and micro market arena just
over a year ago. It is available in 12-fl.
oz. bottles in mocha, vanilla, hazelnut
and caramel flavors. Kitu Super Coffee
has also just introduced Super Coffee in 11-fl.oz. cans in a plant-based
format in coconut mocha, sweet cream


Thieman Tailgates History
the liftgate line which today is known
produces its entire line of liftgates
in Celina, Ohio. The manufacturing
plant has expanded three times
within the last 20 years. THIEMAN
TAILGATES are sold through a
distributor network throughout
the world.
recognized for producing a top quality liftgate for the truck equipment
market. THIEMAN has
one of the most complete liftgate lines in the
industry and include
railgates, stowaways,
sideloaders, conventional and pickup truck
models. Liftgate capacities range from 1000
lbs. to 6600 lbs.
THIEMAN TAILGATES Manufacturing plant
The start of the THIEMAN liftgate
line originated in the early 1960's.
At that time, it was known as
Watson which had a product line
consisting mainly of conventional
style liftgates. In June of 1968,
Todco purchased Watson and immediately began to broaden its liftgate line. In the early 1980's Todco
had chosen to subcontract many of
its liftgate components to a company called THIEMAN STAMPING. In
August of 1987, THIEMAN acquired


Automatic Merchandiser * February/March 2021

Thieman Tailgates demo truck
allows them to demonstrate 5
different liftgates to customers.
One important factor that continues
to make THIEMAN a successful
company it its ability to produce customized liftgates in a timely fashion.
If you have a liftgate need, think



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