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A True Story
Storytelling is a useful and influential
business development tool
By Bob Tullio, Contributing Editor
have been beating the drum for storytelling
as a business development tool.
I have conducted webinars, spoken
at conventions and recently posted a
three-part storytelling video series on
my b2b Perspective Channel, because
I believe that storytelling is a powerful
and useful skill.
Since this is a column about the
office coffee business, I am going to
provide a comprehensive OCS storytelling
example. This is a story that I
told. I am not making this stuff up!
First, let's review the basics:
* Storytelling is proven by science to
stimulate seven areas of the brain
instead of just two. Compelling stories
have greater impact than facts.
* Your story should be true.
* There needs to be at least one main
* The story structure should have a
beginning, a middle and an end.
* Your story should be relevant.
* Do your best to make the story
engaging, even compelling.
Storytelling is a powerful way for
an account executive to help clients
make the right choices. If a client has
an idea about how things should happen,
but it is obviously a bad direc10
Automatic Merchandiser * December 2021
Kim: I think they are
tion, there are
two ways to deal with
the situation:
* You can hit them right between
the eyes by telling the client or
prospect, " You are making a bad
choice and here is why it is a bad
choice. "
* Or, you can tell them a story that
will help them visualize and better
comprehend your position.
My client, a fast-rising entertainment
entity, wanted to cut back on coffee
service expenses because they were
spending so much on five-gallon water
bottles. To put it in perspective, they
were spending $8,000 a month on
bottled water and $4,000 per month
on coffee service.
Kim, the facility manager, was
quite convinced that bottled water was
a critical, irreplaceable amenity.
Play by play of the conversation:
Bob: Kim, it is great that your company
is so amenity oriented, but which
program do you think is more valued
by your employees, the coffee service
program or the drinking water?
both important.
Bob: Kim, may I ask you another
Kim: Of course.
Bob: If I can show you a way to
reduce your water costs while maintaining
the level of quality, could you
see yourself taking that savings and
making the coffee service program
even better?
Kim: Yes, but I don't see how
you can do that. Some of the execs
around here will never want to give
up bottled water. Filtered water is
just not an option.
Bob: I recently met Elmer, a facility
manager at a major film studio,
who was experiencing the same
concerns as you. Much like your
company, they literally had walls of
bottled water filling their kitchens.
Elmer told me that some of her
employees were sick of lifting the fivegallon
bottles. Do you ever hear any
of that, Kim?
Kim: Absolutely. I get stuck
changing the bottles twice a day in the
kitchen near my office.
Bob: I get it. There is another issue
that keeps coming up - the environment.
Just about everyone agrees that
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