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belching delivery trucks transporting
bottled water isn't exactly sustainable.
Maybe that has not come up yet at
your company?
Kim: It has. We have heard noise
about it from our green initiative
employee committee.
Bob: I'm not surprised to hear
that. I was surprised by what actually
motivated Elmer to consider
an alternative to their bottled water
program. Believe it or not, Elmer
was motivated by the office decorator
who was hired to revamp some of
their older floors.
The designer saw the walls of
bottled water in Elmer's office kitchens
and said no way will the new
kitchens look like this! You need to
find another solution. In fact, Kim,
didn't you tell me that by the end of
next year, you will be adding several
more floors?
Kim: I did. I guess we could be
looking at the same situation. That's
why I want to cut costs, because of our
continued growth.
Bob: I understand, Elmer had the
same concerns. Between those same
concerns and the office decorator's
insistence, he came to me to find a
I went on to show Kim how I introduced
high-end point-of-use water
filtration systems to Elmer's studio.
Bob: Ultimately, Kim, Elmer saw
his drinking water bills reduced by
70%. Not only that, but he was also a
hero with human resources because
there were no more heavy bottles to
lift, no more spillage of water and the
studio's green committee was thrilled
by the sustainable solution.
Kim: But what about those key
executives that insist on bottled water?
How did you satisfy them?
Bob: That was simple, Kim, and
we can offer the same solution to you.
Any executive who must have bottled
water can have it, delivered to their
desk every week in 16-fl.oz. bottles
and I am going to give you an excellent
price per case.
At Elmer's studio, after a couple of
months, only a few executives insisted
on having the 16-fl.oz. water bottles,
but that was because of conference
room needs.
I should also mention that Elmer
took the water savings and elevated
the coffee service program, adding
some nice local roasts, biscotti,
premium teas and huge selection of
flavored creamers. The employees at
Elmer's studio were thrilled.
I have a question, Kim. Based on
what happened at Elmer's studio, can
you see why it makes sense to replace
your existing five-gallon bottles with
a point-of-use water system in each
kitchen, for huge savings, no risk and a
better OCS program? Plus, you will be
a hero with the HR department and the
green initiative employee committee.
Kim: I am willing to give it a try in
one of our buildings.
Clearly, Kim took baby steps, but ultimately
the conversion to point-of-use
water was a huge success. OCS jumped
to $8,000 a month, while Kim's water
expense dropped to about $1,000. She
agreed to convert the entire program
over to point-of-use water and
upgrade the OCS program.
1279299351 | ljubaphoto | Getty Images
Amazingly, this was before today's
impressive water products like FRIIA
from Marco Beverage Systems and
Elkay's new Smartwell system. Imagine
what is possible today!
As you can see from the story above,
storytelling is not a one-sided narrative.
Engaging the client or prospect
with questions that will help move the
process along only adds to the impact
of the story.
Use this framework to develop your
own arsenal of compelling, relevant
and engaging stories of your own.
What is your favorite story? I
would love to hear it. Email me at ■
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