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President, Blue Sparq Inc.
Ahed is the true example of
an entrepreneur. After selling
his first company, based in Illinois,
and moving to Florida, he started Blue
Sparq Inc. For more than a decade, he has
served as the president and chief executive of Blue Sparq,
founded in 2008 with the aim of providing prototype
design and manufacturing services to companies in a
broad range of industries. Blue Sparq is capable of custom
electronics design, firmware development, GUI design
and development, server-side programming on cloud
computing platforms such as AWS and cloud application
development. By manufacturing everything the company
designs, it can purchase materials in large volume
and maintain a flow of inventory, ensuring its customers
have a steady flow of product to sell. Ahed received his
bachelor's degree in bio-medical engineering from the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, specializing
in electrical and mechanical engineering.
CEO, Panoptyc
As founder and chief executive
of Panoptyc, Bolak has created
a company that helps micro market
operators catch theft, using artificial
intelligence (AI) and computer vision.
Automating the loss-prevention process has helped
operators focus their time on other facets of their business,
saving both time and money. In fact, Bolak has
created a company that tackles the labor shortage, theft
issues and technological issues in micro markets by
offering remote-access, cloud-storage cameras. A young
and determined visionary in the micro market industry,
Bolak is always looking to improve Panoptyc's services
while also exploring new opportunities within the industry.
Having signed service agreements and integrated
with many large companies, Bolak knows the industry
inside and out. His knowledge and commitment to the
industry will allow the OCS, micro market, and vending
industry to be revolutionized in the coming years. Bolak
is described as a determined, innovative individual with
a broader vision of the industry. He is a graduate of the
University of Colorado-Boulder.
Mac Bolak
President, Mcliff Coffee + Vending
Brown has successfully guided Texasbased
Mcliff Coffee + Vending through
the enormous downturn in revenue
during the pandemic and the company
has come out on the other side better and
stronger. Brown helped restructured Mcliff's compensation
packages to lower company costs and added telemetry
to every account in order to streamline visits. Under
Brown's leadership, the company continues to thrive in
unprecedented times.
Regional Sales Director-West,
Cantaloupe Inc.
Buck started at Cantaloupe with
an extensive background working
for PepsiCo. He was able to quickly ramp
up in learning how to work directly with
vending operators of all sizes, especially
enterprise clients. He has become a well respected advisor,
consultant and sales leader for Cantaloupe customers
spanning both the vending and bottler network of
operators. He has recently presented at state association
conferences where he talked about the importance of
technology in an operator's business. He recognizes that
the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis have also presented
many opportunities for the vending industry. His
recent involvement with the Northwest Automatic Vending
Association, California Automatic Vendors Council,
Arizona Automatic Merchandising Council and Texas
Merchandise Vending Association have shown that he is
truly vested in not only supporting his customers, but the
industry at large.
Alex Buck
Alex Buck has become a well
respected advisor and sales
leader spanning both the vending
and bottler network of operators.
Cantaloupe Inc.
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