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Operations Specialist, Gimme
Easter has put 110% effort into
her work since joining the Gimme
team. She goes above and beyond to
understand convenience service operators
from every role within the organization,
from owners to route drivers to service techs and salespeople.
She has gained hands-on experience in the field,
working with route drivers at 4 a.m. and picking product
in the warehouse. This experience led her to develop
virtual training on Gimme software. She always puts the
customer first, bringing structure to the new customer
implementation process and front-loaded training. She
continues to excel by providing access to the company's
internal Gimme VMS and Gimme Field test account so
that customers can use the articles and knowledge gained
from training to practice daily functions. Easter believes
that at its core, customer service is the same: People want
to be heard and to have their experiences valued. She
works hard to make that a reality for each customer.
National Sales Executive, OptConnect
As a national sales executive at OptConnect,
Gill continues to accelerate
the company's growth across multiple
verticals, with a keen focus on the selfcheckout
space. With more than 30 years
of progressive career growth in executive-level positions
in the vending, amusement and coin-op laundry
industries, Gill is a high-energy business leader with
deep industry and multi-generational relationships
and extensive success in various areas such as business
development, sales, strategic planning, negotiation,
implementation and business plan achievement.
Brian Gill
Cofounder, Gimme
Jarecki has shown complete
dedication to the vending and
Western Regional Sales Manager,
CBI & Associates
Feeley has been a huge asset to her customers
during the COVID-19 crisis. She
has helped many customers with alternative
solutions regarding each customers'
specific business - whether it was primarily schools,
prisons, traditional vending or micro market, she has
been a solid resource. For the past 30 years, Feeley has
represented most industry suppliers and has helped
customers all over the West Coast to develop new marketing
strategies, build their businesses and help them
get new accounts.
micro market industries since he cofounded
Gimme in 2014. Not only is he
leading a company dedicated to bringing
innovative technology and solutions to these markets,
but he is looking for any way he can to get involved
with the industry and collaborate with other industry
organizations. Jarecki is also dedicated to diving into
customers' challenges and looking for ways to develop
solutions to address these challenges. This involves his
willingness to visit operators onsite, including customers
and prospects, to learn directly from them and
understand their business. As an awarded technology
leader, he has made an impact in the food and beverage
industry and the startup community. He serves as an
executive board member with Startup Atlanta, a nonprofit
focused on connecting, curating and promoting
Atlanta's startup ecosystem.
Mac Bolak created a company that helps
micro market operators detect theft using
artificial intelligence and computer vision.
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