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CEO, Threeboysstrong Consulting
Rosenberg is a 27-year industry executive
serving both the supplier and owner side.
He exited his own operating company to
assist operators in growing through the
pandemic and changing competitive landscape.
He has served the industry as NAMA board chair
and was the 2016 Industry Person of the Year. Rosenberg
has led recovery as NAMA chair, consulted industry leaders
through hardship and assisted in developing strategies
to reposition NAMA for the next five years.
CEO, Koala Kolache
Souvannavong is a native Houstonite
who established new businesses in southern
California before returning to Texas
in 2017. Upon her return, she developed
a line of unique artisan kolaches and cinnamon rolls. As
demand grew, she expanded her brick-and-mortar bakery
by providing freestanding robotic kolache vending ovens.
Koala's solution leverages Le Bread Xpress technology.
Senior VP Sales, Steeped Coffee
Scadina has more than 40 years of OCS
experience working for several companies
and owning his own. He began consulting
for Steeped Coffee in 2019 and assisted
Steeped in attaining high sales growth.
During the pandemic Scadina assisted Steeped in pivoting
from OCS to selling its products in grocery, landing a
national contract with Whole Foods. Steeped currently
sells into hospitality, food service, OCS, grocery, e-commerce,
and packages for more than 325 licensed partners.
Roasting Plant Manager/Roastmaster,
PrairieFire Coffee
The PrairieFire Coffee expert continuously
learns in order to excel in his position. Not
only has Stork attended education sessions
through NAMA, but he has traveled to
work with green coffee brokers to better
understand buying and market conditions. Stork maintains
all the operating equipment in the roasting facility
while simultaneously working as a commodities trader,
master coffee roaster and mechanic extraordinaire.
CEO and Cofounder, Vengo Inc.
As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Vengo's
kiosk network in gyms, colleges, hotels
and more was shut down. The company,
under Shimmerlik's leadership, responded
through innovation. Vengo focused on
PPE distribution, including a rollout of PPE machines
throughout New York MTA subway and commuter rail
stations. It also focused on its software and media business,
so that when its network came back, it could better
monetize the screens on its kiosks and expand the business,
bringing added value to location partners.
VP of Technology, Nayax NA
With a wealth of technical
expertise in Nayax's products as
well as customers' machines, Vaserman is
front and center in building relationships
and closing sales by providing customers
with a wide range of support in the installation and deployment
of Nayax devices, across all industries in the North
American market. Within Nayax, Vaserman has moved
not just to different positions, but to different countries.
Currently based in Toronto as Nayax NA's vice president
of technology, he is responsible for the development and
onboarding of key and strategic customers, as well as
working with support and sales, educating the local teams
regarding new products and features. Prior to Vaserman's
work for the North American office, he was working in
Nayax Australia for three years as technical director, building
the technical and support departments, establishing
Nayax's presence throughout that region.
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Ty Stork

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