December 2021 - 20

Team leader: Linde Hutson,
Director of Global Marketing,
Communications and Training
Team members: Carmen
Collie, Training Manager;
Matthew Hudas, Customer
Training Specialist; Caitlyn
Kliest, Technical Writer; Dylan
Buckley, Technical Designer
The 365 Retail Markets
training team is constantly
innovating and accommodating
the industry and focusing on their operators' goals.
They know the ins and outs of the technology and the
industry, setting up micro market operators for success.
After completing training, operators are more efficient
and knowledgeable in their day-to-day operations. The
training team continues to evolve in how they teach. During
the pandemic, the team has completed more training
and certifications than ever before, which is a true
testament to their ability to be flexible and nimble in how
they engage customers. They have created more training
modules and certification programs to educate multiple
roles within an organization, such as drivers, operators,
and chief executives so that all can receive targeted training
based on the systems that they use daily.
Team members: Terry Hovis, Greg Young, Jack
Thompson, Jake Graham, Jason Pardue, Maxwell Elliott,
Terry Rinck
Cantaloupe Inc.'s customer success managers
group is one of the most well-respected teams
Team leader: Curt Jones, Founder
Team members: Tracey Jones,
More than 30 years ago, Curt
launched the world-renowned
Dippin' Dots ice cream. Today,
he and his daughter, Tracey Jones, have worked hard to
create a new unique coffee product: beaded coffee. At
40BelowJoe, they brew fresh coffee from arabica beans
and then cryogenically freeze it at its freshest point while
keeping all of the original moisture content intact. Based
in Carbondale, IL, 40BelowJoe products can be found at
locations across the U.S. For those customers who prefer
their coffee hot, the frozen coffee beads can be turned into
a traditional cup of coffee in minutes simply by adding
water and microwaving.
20 Automatic Merchandiser * December 2021
in the industry. It plays a vital role in helping each enterprise
customer who comes on board with Seed to execute
a smooth implementation, not to mention see impressive
operational results even within the first few weeks.
A perfect example is what they did to support Food
Express's implementation of Seed within just a month
and the results of the first six-weeks post implementation
were extremely impressive (see the case study at
The team
recognizes that sometimes the biggest challenge for every
operator is the fear of change. Just moving from one system
that they may have used for decades to an updated
software can be scary regardless of the reward they
might see in the end. However, this team does something
incredible when they get involved to start a project with
a customer - they come to the operator with their own
background and expertise working in vending operations
themselves, knowing the challenges of driver management
and running static routes. They use that knowledge
to really ensure that each implementation is customized
to the given operator's key challenges and focus on solving
those issues with Seed's technology. They collectively
have more than 100 years of experience in the industry,
and it truly comes through in their process, preparation
and the overall end results they deliver to the customer.

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