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plaguing businesses of all kinds
throughout the nation is making it
hard for many convenience stores
to keep their warmers filled during
the peak morning demand. This is
prompting many of them to offer
options in the refrigerated area that
consumers can heat and eat when they
get to their destination.
" If c-store locations are struggling
to keep the warmer filled, we
advise ensuring there is enough in the
refrigerated section and to offer pointof-sale
signage to direct consumers to
that area, " Hanson said.
This is even more reason for vending
and micro market operators to be
sure to include heat-and-eat breakfast
items in their offerings to capture that
business and provide the ultimate convenience
by eliminating their customers'
need to stop on the way to work.
" Geographically, wraps are big sellers
on the West Coast, for example,
while bagels are a top option on the
East Coast, " Hanson noted. " Demographically,
millennials and younger
consumers seek options with flavor
and spice and on-trend ingredients
like sauces and spreads. "
Likewise, older generations and
certain demographic groups simply
want " all-American basics. " The bigger
factor is the purchasing need state
driving them to the store and if kids
are present, Hanson observed.
E.A. Sween's suggested retail prices
range from $2.99 to $6.19. " Consumers
want a good sandwich at a reasonable
price, " Hanson commented. " In
general, some groups are willing to
pay more for healthy products. They
understand healthier ingredients usually
cost more. "
Supply chain disruptions have
forced E.A. Sween, like other manufacturers,
to raise its prices commensurate
with raw material and logistic
price increases. Given supply and raw
material challenges, the company is
pausing innovation to focus on its core
items, which for now is plenty ample,
diverse and innovative to live up to
its commitment to serve consumers'
contemporary demands.
Lynbrook, NY-based Jamaica Choice
Foods LLC entered the convenience
food arena in May 2020 to fill a void
that its founder saw for restaurantquality
convenient ethnic foods with
big, bold taste that also fit the bill for
healthier lifestyles.
Its NormDe
line of classic
Jamaican favorites
includes 11.5-oz.
Curried Chicken
and Curried Goat
with white rice
and Brown Stewed
Chicken and Oxtail
Stew with rice
and peas. They
come with a side
of cabbage and
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carrots. Each meal has no more than
430 calories, and no MSG, preservatives
or sugar are added. Also in the
development are keto-friendly and
vegetarian options.
Launching in the heat of the pandemic
proved to be strategic serendipity
for the packaged food newcomer.
" People were afraid to go out and
stand in queues to buy food. They
preferred to have the option of where
they could pick up multiple packages
of ready-to-eat meals-frozen or otherwise-at
a reasonable price, " recalled
Jamaica Choice Foods' Tony Bowen.
" This presented an opportunity for
us. There are no other manufacturers
making our product and we knew how
to make it well and how to make it
cost effective based on market conditions.
All they need is a microwave
and they are able to enjoy a delicious,
smart-portioned meal. "
Jamaica Choice Foods bills its fare
as restaurant quality and commands
a retail price of $12 for its chicken
entrees and $16 for its goat and oxtail
product which has higher ingredient
" Our experience is that there are
different types of consumers. There are
people who will buy the product just
because it's new and they have not had
the option available to them before, "
Bowen instanced. " Then there are the
customers who will like the fact that
our food contains less calories and
ingredients that would be more detrimental
to their health. And finally,
there's the customer that is looking for
a bargain on all their food purchases.
We feel like we check all the boxes,
and our consumer will gravitate to the
product because they are getting value
for their money. "
That value is relative not only compared
with more typical convenience
fare, but also in a post-COVID world
with supply chain issues that have

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