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forced pricing higher. Bowen lamented
that the cost of raw materials, lack of
people in the workforce and rising cost
of fuel have changed the marketplace
for what most experts predict will be
an extended period. Jamica's Choice is
doing everything in its power to hold
its prices at their current level even as
input costs continue to rise.
" We have taken steps to price the
product based on smart portion sizes,
using technical formulas to minimize
our cost per unit, " Bowen explained.
" There is no 'off ramp' for the consumer.
No matter which option they
choose in terms of feeding themselves
and their families, they will be faced
with higher prices. There is a domino
effect, and all sectors are affected by
the actions of the other. Ultimately,
someone will bear the burden of all
this volatility and unfortunately that
will be the consumer. We in the industry
must figure out how to keep our
costs down or unchanged for the consumer.
This is a monumental task for
some versus others, but it's critically
important to making it through this
economic quicksand and coming out
intact on the other side when things
start to stabilize. "
Despite these challenges, Bowen
expressed his confidence that Jamaica
Choice Foods anticipates an upward
growth trajectory for its products
since it serves consumers in niche
markets with unique cuisine in terms
of both taste and nutrition that they
can purchase in small or large quantities
as needed.
" We know where our central
customers are located but our food
crosses ethnic and racial geographic
lines, so we anticipate growth across
all demographics, " he predicted.
Fruit stands in a category all its own
with enduring and universal appeal.
With limited mobility and a heightened
focus on health throughout the
Healthier snacking
options have always
been a top concern
for consumers,
but the definition
of 'healthy' has
continued to evolve. "
Earl Williams, Dole
pandemic, demand ramped up for it in
a shelf-stable, packaged format.
Dole Packaged Foods, based in
West Lake Village, CA, has cornered
the market on delivering fruit as a
healthy meal or convenient snack in
vending and micro markets as those
lines continue to blur for on-the-go
Individually sealed for safety and
convenience are 4-oz. Dole Fruit
Bowls in 100% Fruit Juice; 7-oz. Fruit
Bowls in 100% Fruit Juice; and 7-oz.
Fruit in Gel.
" Healthier snacking options have
always been a top concern for consumers,
but the definition of 'healthy'
has continued to evolve, " according
to Dole's Earl Williams. " We are seeing
a focus on functional benefits of
foods as an influence for snacking
choices. " He cited a 2020 report from
Statista that found 84% of consumers
are more likely to buy snacks rich in
vitamins and minerals.
" To expand on the changing
definitions of healthy, we have seen it
is not only about function but about
quality ingredients, " Williams added.
" Products that are free of artificial
ingredients including dyes and artificial
sweeteners are becoming a priority
when choosing snacks. "
Additionally, Dole has seen
demand for individually sealed graband-go
products skyrocket, which
Williams attributed to safety and
sanitation concerns amplified by the
Patties Foods' iconic Four'N Twenty
brand of savory beef pies are steeped
deeply in Australian culture and
burst onto the U.S. scene in 2017
in convenience stores and at stadiums.
Its U.S. presence continues to
expand, with vending and micro
markets in Patties' crosshairs.
Since its U.S. debut, the flaky
pastry filled with 100% Australian beef
and gravy has been available in singleserve
5.6-oz. Traveller format, which
retails between $3.49 and $3.69. The
Four'N Twenty Slider, popular Down
Under, will soon be making its way to
U.S. consumers, in a bite-size format.
" Consumers tell us this is good
value for a product made with 100%
Australian beef which is a good source
of protein, " said Patties Foods' Jonathan
Four'N Twenty Traveller Beef &
Cheese meat pies have reportedly
proven a hit where they got their U.S.
start in Rutter's convenience stores
in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West
Virginia. They're merchandised in
self-serve hot hold cabinets offering a
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