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New Product Roundup
Hot (and cold) new products from the NAMA Coffee Tea & Water Show
By Abby White, Editor


Water (CTW) show was filled with
educational discussions, thoughtprovoking speakers and essential
training sessions, giving operators the
necessary tools for continued success in
office coffee service (OCS). The CTW
show floor was packed with suppliers
promoting new and recently released
products offered to OCS, micro market,
pantry and vending channels. Here's a
roundup of new products incorporating some of the most exciting trends in
coffee service.


La Colombe's Oatmilk Draft Latte is
a vegan, gluten-free, ready-to-drink
(RTD) beverage available in original, vanilla and caramel. The creamy,
rich, plant-based beverage has 120
milligrams of caffeine and has an
unmatched texture due to the company's patented packaging process using
nitrous oxide.
Silk's Oat Yeah Oatmilk Creamer,
previously available in 32-ounce cartons, is now offered in
single-serve packaging
in The Oatmeal Cookie
One flavor. The vegan
creamer has zero grams
of saturated fat per
serving and is free from
dairy, nuts, soy and
cholesterol. A carton comes with 192
Oatmilk Creamer singles.

Wandering Bear's Bag-in-Box keg
is a shelf-stable, 5-gallon, bag-in-box
keg that contains 107 servings and is


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designed for use in
a kegerator. Like
Wandering Bear's
other offerings
(fridge packs, tetra
paks) the coffee is sugar- and
dairy-free and 100
percent organic
Wandering Bear
and fair trade.
La Colombe's
Pure Black Cold Brew Concentrate
comes in a 32-ounce bottle and is
formulated to make 1 gallon of cold
brew (one bottle of concentrate mixed
with three bottles of filtered water) to
be enjoyed in single servings or large
batches. The end user can also mix
in their favorite dairy or non-dairy
creamer. The cold brew is made with
cold-pressed espresso that is extracted
from La Colombe's single-origin Brazilian coffee.

Copper Cow Coffee offers disposable
single-serve pour over coffee packets
in a ready-to-display box. To brew, a
disposable filter is placed on top of
a coffee cup, and the user pours hot
water over it. Copper Cow Coffee
has affordable monthly subscription
plans offering black or assorted
coffees (including Vietnamese coffee,
which comes with a separate tube of
sweetened, condensed milk) and classic
and non-dairy creamers to meet the
needs of its customers.
Steeped Coffee's single-serve bags
are nitro-sealed to ensure a long shelf
life and pre-portioned for optimal taste
and strength. Steeped Coffee's guiltfree packaging is made with renewable

and compostable materials,
and the coffee
is ethically
sourced directly
from farmers in micro
batches. To make a single cup of coffee,
the user simply places the bag in a cup
(like a bag of tea) and pours 8 ounces
of hot water over the bag
and steeps.

SToK Triple Shot Cold
Brew Coffee, offered in
signature cold brew and
creamy vanilla flavors,
packs 225 milligrams of
caffeine into a 15-ounce
SToK Coffee
can. Despite the power
punch of caffeine, the beverage is
smooth, not bitter, as it's brewed "low
and slow" - Arabica beans are brewed
at lower temperatures and steeped for
10 hours. The vanilla flavor contains
real dairy and cane sugar and has no
artificial sweeteners,
colors or flavors.
International Delight
has two exciting new iced
coffee flavors in RTD,
pulling in a favorite from
the snacking segment:
Oreo and Caramel Macchiato. These iced coffees,
packaged in 15-ounce
cans, are made with real milk, cane
sugar and cream, providing a nice balance of creaminess to coffee.

Tea Drops are bagless, dissolvable tea
capsules that instantly transform when
added to hot water, eliminating the
need to steep. Tea Drop single-serves


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