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Beverly Bowers

Owner, Blue Moose Vending Management

Bowers has worked in the vending industry
for 37 years. One of her first projects at Blue
Moose was capitalizing on her knowledge
of vending operators who are interested
in growth by signing on 14 of California's
premier vending companies. By working with those 14
companies, Blue Moose Vending Management has been
able to close on 1,146 accounts. At Blue Moose, Bowers has
ensured new vendors know their rights by providing them
with free training and consultation, and by directing them to
legitimate companies. She also assists operators with finding
and training sales representatives and strives to help familyowned vending companies compete in today's market.

Erin Calkins

Business Systems Manager,
365 Retail Markets

Calkins started at 365 Retail Markets in 2013,
when the company was focused on learning to sell MicroMarkets to locations. The
number of installed MicroMarket locations
has increased exponentially since then, and in 2017 the
company made the decision to configure a new business
system. Calkins was at the helm of this effort to house 365's
manufacturing, inventory management, purchasing, sales
management and account receivable functions. She led the
selection, implementation and go-live of the company's new
ERP system. As a business systems manager at 365, Calkins
oversees business process improvements, business reporting
and day-to-day operational needs within the system. Her
natural ability to problem-solve has helped lead 365 to many
opportunities and enhance its capability to handle increased
order volume, bulk orders and international orders. Calkins
constantly puts 365 and its customers first by developing
processes that help support 365 teams to provide the best and
most efficient experiences for customers.

Leah Casanova

Director of Operations, National Coffee

Casanova has more than 15 years of experience in corporate marketing and sales team
management. Since joining National Coffee,
Casanova has tackled the challenges of
distribution and ensuring operators have
profitable product margins. She takes pride
in working closely with distributors, manufacturers, national
operators and independent operators to develop programs

that ensure multi-channel success.
Casanova has a keen understanding
of what it takes to successfully launch
products in our industry and is eager to
build lasting relationships between customers and distributors. She is a wealth of knowledge for brands looking to
grow in OCS, vending and hospitality.

Tony Danna

Director of International Sales,
Three Square Market

Danna, 30, launched Three Square Market's international outreach in 2017 and has
extended the company's reach to seven EuroDanna
pean countries with more than 150 micro
markets across the continent. Each country has presented
different challenges, and growing micro markets in each
country will require detail, discipline and personal sacrifice.
He continues to learn and educate many people and companies in the world on micro markets. Danna is an advocate for
adapting to change and all the technology that is new to the
industry. Danna started at Three Square Market in July 2016
as vice president of operations.

Bob Hurley

Senior Sales Director, USA Technologies, Inc.

After nearly 40 years in the industry, Hurley
brings a wealth of experience in managing operations, coordinating and directing
acquisitions, and leading business developBob Hurley
ment. Hurley's career in vending began in
1980, when he took a job as a route driver with Canteen in
an era highlighted by manual route cards and "the four C's":
candy, cup soda, coffee and cigarettes. He subsequently held
numerous management positions with Canteen, Servomation/Macke and Sodexo, in addition to regional and independent operations. With his operator background, Hurley
can easily relate to operators and help them overcome
challenges they face in their businesses. He believes that
the industry will continue to be challenged by the integration of systems, especially with the pace at which operators
must move in order to elevate their customer experience.
By working hand-in-hand with operators, Hurley can help
them determine if USAT's technology is the right solution
for their business to simplify processes and systems. Hurley
has contributed in state associations, participated at advocacy summits and continues to bring his knowledge and
insight to help operators.

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