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Chuck Reed

Laurence Saul

Crane Payment Innovations

Reed has worked in the vending industry for
two decades and has developed expert underChuck
standing of how full-line operators leverage
payment technology and telemetry to drive
business growth. At CPI, Reed has driven the development
and launch of multiple new vending payment products into
global markets, including the company's comprehensive range
of cash validation and e-cash products and vending management software. As a member of several boards and organizations, he remains educated on operators' concerns and needs,
technology roadmaps and industry challenges. Since workers
of different generations have different expectations of convenience services and preferences for payment, Reed believes
that growing machine connectivity and flexibility of payment
and food delivery options are key for success. Reed serves on
the NAMA Board of Directors and is actively involved in its
standing Government Affairs Committee, where he ensures
vending interests are communicated in Washington, D.C.
Reed is a consistent contributor to thought leadership and
stands as a well-known, constant voice in the industry.

Under Saul's leadership, the beverage technology start-up MYX, in Exton, Pa., has become
one of the fastest-growing beverage systems.
He has brought the company from development to commercialization in 18 months.
Previously, Saul assumed worldwide responSaul
sibility for Aramark's continued growth and
success as its senior vice president for global operational
excellence. He oversaw quality, efficiency and performance
effectiveness for Aramark's $10B in addressable costs, guiding
the deployment and establishment of success measures that
yielded $80M in savings annually. Saul believes investment is
required to drive new technology and that personalized offerings and better-for-you all are core to successful products
for the industry and specifically for clients and their team
members, the consumers. MYX created personalized products for the consumer and offered supplements of hydration,
energy and immunity. It has invested in the planet's future
by running its MYX kiosk on a platform that uses a patented
thermoelectric chiller as opposed to a compressor coming off
and on many times a day.

Patrick Richards

Steven Vosika

Crane Connectivity Solutions

Five Star Food Service

Richards has led the development and launch
of multiple cashless card readers, telemeters
and touch screen products into the North
American, European and Australian markets for Crane Connectivity Solutions. With over 15 years of
experience in the payment industry, Richards has expertise in
terminal development, contactless technologies, gateway services and developing value-added services for customers. He
drives innovation into the development of new products and
solutions, such as Crane's CORA platform, while ensuring that
customers have a voice in the process. He ensures that Crane's
products are designed to help customers eliminate complexity in the deployment and management of technology while
maintaining upgradeability to protect that hardware investment. Richards believes that the industry will be challenged by
maintaining compliance with mandatory technology changes
and ensuring a positive consumer experience at the point of
interaction. He is committed to ensuring next-generation
Crane connectivity hardware includes best-in-class security
features to protect its customers' business and consumer data.

As a member of the Five Star Food Service
corporate team, Vosika manages and directs
company-wide hiring programs across three
company regions, the Five Star culinary
center and its corporate office. Since joining
Five Star a little over a year ago, he has been a key asset to
Five Star's successful growth, and his efforts have improved
customer satisfaction and employee retention rates. Vosika
has assisted in reducing employee turnover at each of the
company's branch locations, attracted world-class talent
from across the Southeast and increased company morale
across Five Star. He has also worked to improve Five Star's
community relations, building hiring initiatives with special
interest groups, including veterans and minorities. He
believes the biggest challenge the industry faces is attracting and retaining top-tier talent, especially during a time of
record low unemployment.

VP & GM for Vending,

Product Manager - Electronic Payments,

CEO & President, MYX Drinks

Corporate Recruiter,

December 2019 *


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