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Team Leader: Marc Boman, Division President Team Members: Greg
Snodgrass, Division Controller; Jerrell Blackmon, VP, Sales, Central
US; Matt Hoffman, RVP Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska;
Byron Hurst, Regional Director, Arkansas; Wes Hiatt, RVP Texas;
Chad Kennedy, Director of OCS; Cindy Sielck, Director of Vending;
Michael Stoudt, Director of Micro Markets


Team Leader: Paul Van Vleck, VP
& GM, Convenience Services Team
Members: John Seeberger, VP,
Distribution; Eric King, National Sales
Manager; Dave Jorgensen, National
Account Manager

Burdette Beckmann Inc. (BBI) provides
brand information for categoryexpanding items in order to provide
solutions and bring more consumers
to its convenience service clients. The
company is dedicated to identifying
trends across all retail sales channels
to maximize its understanding of consumer trends. The BBI team is intentional with new categories that bring
more consumers to markets, pantries,
machines and coffee counters as they
know it's not enough for operators to
swap items. Instead, they bring operators items that will increase sales. BBI
has invested in incremental coverage
options by opening a dedicated Telesales office in Appleton, Wisc. Inside
sales associates can team sell with field
sales associates, provide dedicated or
blended coverage, engage in special
packs management and cover widely
dispersed locations such as hotels and
concession directors. Finally, the internal systems on site include Salesforce
and a full team of over 15 customer
service and administrative support
personnel dedicated to the channel.


Automatic Merchandiser * December 2019

The Central Division team of Canteen has seen tremendous growth
over the last decade, more than doubling their business in recent years.
The growth they've experienced is thanks to organic new business and
via strategic acquisitions. In the midst of onboarding new business
and integrating acquisitions, Canteen continues to keep their focus
on providing excellent customer service, which is made easier by the
efficient and sophisticated telematics in place in their warehouse. To
keep pace with the incredible growth of the business and maintain
their premium level of customer service, the Central Division Canteen
team makes attracting and retaining the best people in the industry a
top priority. Employee feedback surveys, local focus groups, a business
growth incentive and employee recognition events are just a few of
the examples of this team's commitment to retaining great people and
enhancing company culture.


Team Leader: Steve
Orlando, Co-founder,
Team Members: Troy
Geis, Co-founder; Denny
Richard, Customer
Success Enthusiast; Kelly
Tolson, Customer Success Enthusiast; Nicole Willinsky, Customer Success Enthusiast

Throughout 2019, Fixturelite has focused its efforts on on-site visits and mentoring
operators in the refreshments space to better their micro market, OCS, and pantry
designs and customer presentations with the Fixturelite virtual design tool. The
impact? More significant account acquisition in new locations, business retention
within existing accounts and increased revenue growth (as much as 40 percent
in market locations) within the industry. Through the mentorship provided by
Fixturelite, food safety practices have increased across the various lines of industryrelated businesses. Through the Micro Market Design Newsletter, Fixturelite shares
knowledge and customer case studies to show operators how to better their businesses. The Fixturelite booth at the NAMA Show provided a real-life example of the
elements found within a customer experience-based design approach. Fixturelite
attended the NAMA Executive Forum to learn key techniques to serve the operators
with whom they work. Fixturelite teamed up with the Business Enterprise Program
program in various locations across the U.S. to help operators build better, more
profitable businesses.


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