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Cliff Whitehead
Cliff Whitehead started his career with
Flowers Foods after graduating from
Valdosta State University in 1982 with a
BBA in marketing and management. He
was promoted to several marketing and
leadership positions, and in 1989, he was
tasked with launching the Convenience Services division for
Flowers. Over the next 31 years, Whitehead oversaw the
development of Mrs. Freshley's brand of snack cakes into the
top-selling pastry brand in the industry. After a successful 37year
career with Flowers, Whitehead took an early retirement
package in 2020. He is now a partner and CSO with Emerging
Brands Group, a national sales and marketing firm that
specializes in bringing emerging brands into the convenience
services space. Whitehead says the industry has taught him
about the importance of character, integrity and relationships.
Whitehead has served on the board of directors of NAMA
for six years and was the trade show advisory chair. He also
served on the Georgia Automatic Merchandising Council for 15
years and is currently the secretary/treasurer.
Jimmy Wilmore
Jimmy Wilmore began filling snack
machines when he was nine years old in
1969 when his father purchased Tom's
distributorship - Shreveport Tom's. In 1980,
it began providing drink, food and coffee
machines as a full-line vending company.
Wilmore started full time in 1982, after
college at LSU. In 1983, Wilmore's wife, Kim, began working
in the family business where she still works today. In 2000,
Wilmore purchased the business from his father, and in
2003, he changed the name to Wilmore Snack Sales. After
becoming a Canteen franchise and some key acquisitions,
Wilmore grew the company to what it is today - covering all
of north Louisiana and parts of east Texas. Wilmore Snack
Sales proudly celebrated its 20th anniversary as a Canteen
franchise. Wilmore has served as SEVA board member 20152021,
SEVA chairman in 2019, and secretary/treasurer of
Vending Machines of Louisiana 2014-2021.
Butch Winkler
Butch Winkler entered the OCS business
in 1981 as a small operator in New York.
Within eight short years, the company grew
10 times its original size. Today, Winkler is
president of Holiday House Distributing
(HHD). From the early beginning in his attic
to its current 35,000-square-foot buildings in Land O' Lakes,
Florida, HHD has grown into a one-stop shop for over 6,000
items. Winkler's entrepreneurialism, ideas, imagination and
determination have allowed the company to grow through the
years. Winkler has shared his knowledge with many over the
years, and he has served on the NAMA board, been recognized
as a NAMA Coffee Legend, NCE, a founding member of
NAMA's Coffee Tea & Water Show, and served on several
NAMA committees. Holiday House Distributing was awarded
the Supplier of the Year by ECSA, SCBA, ECSA and NAMA.
Francis " Chip " Wittern Jr.
For over 30 years, Chip Wittern has
worked in the automated dispensing
industry providing expertise and
leadership around product innovation,
business development and operations.
He has held positions ranging from sales
to production to operations and general management. As
president and founder of Intelligent Dispensing Solutions,
a member company of The Wittern Group, he is focused
on all aspects of growth enablement including business
development, market expansion, national account
management and new product development. Wittern
operates under a philosophy attributed to his father,
F.A. Wittern: " If we take care of our customer, we take
care of ourselves. " As a founding member of The Wittern
Foundation, he is proud to support nonprofit organizations
including the National Automatic Merchandising Association,
the Mayo Clinic, Junior Achievement of Central Iowa, and
United Way.
Honorable Mentions
Thomas W. Miller
C├ędric Moindrot
Mike Meltonelton
Thank you for your dedication
and outstanding service!
Mike Melton
Director of Operations
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would like to acquire your company!
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