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preferred cup size and recipe directly
from their phone, without touching
the machine.
This year, Keurig Commercial, the
away-from-home division of Keurig
Dr Pepper, introduced touchless brewing
capabilities for its bean-to-cup
office coffee equipment. Using the new
Keurig Remote Brew app, users can
brew a coffee or specialty beverages
through a mobile device. Keurig's
first touchless brewing innovation
complements its Safe Brewing Toolkit,
designed to support safe and hygienic
coffee stations in the workplace; the
kit includes floor decals for social
distancing, brewer signage to support
cleaning schedules and coffeemaker
deep-cleaning kits.
" Coffee is a valued workplace
amenity, and businesses are facing new
challenges as they bring their employees
back to the office and reopen breakWaterlogic's
patented Firewall
system dispenses purified
water that is more than 99%
virus and bacteria-free.
Pictured here are Waterlogic
units with Firewalls.
The WL15 and
WL3 Firewalls with
infrared technology
can be added to any
Waterlogic units.
The new Nespresso Momento Coffee
& Milk machine boasts touchless
functionality for peace of mind and
barista-quality, milk-based recipes to
satisify all coffee preferences at the
office. It can be programmed to operate
with touchless remote control, lock screen
or automatic brewing.
Nestlé Professional
rooms, " said KDP senior vice president
of away-from-home Phil Drapeau.
During the NAMA Show in
August, Spain's Azkoyen Group, a
maker of vending machines and payment
systems, demonstrated a coffee
machine controlled solely by eye gaze.
The eye-tracking technology, developed
by Irisbond, was paired with
Azkoyen's Vitro M5 superautomatic
coffee machine. The user's gaze is
analyzed by the Irisbond infraredbased
eye-tracking technology, which
calculates the exact point at which the
user is looking so they can control the
machine without touching it.
" We are very satisfied with the
New in Elkay's Smartwell collection is
a countertop beverage dispenser that
prepares custom beverages hands
free by using a touchscreen or mobile
device. The dispenser gives employees
and facility guests access to hygienic
warm reception that this innovation
has enjoyed in Spain, as it demonstrates
the importance of improving
the user experience, and we want to
take it to the United States, " said Juanje
Alberdi, chief executive of Azkoyen's
coffee, vending and payments divisions.
Alberdi said that Azkoyen has
patented this " distance selection "
feature as used in a coffee machine.
For more than a year, Bunn has
enjoyed success with its VirtualTOUCH
approach. The company's
bean-to-cup machines can work with
a QR code that allows users to order
22 Automatic Merchandiser * October/November 2021
beverages through a webpage. This
way, employees' touchless experiences
can be enhanced while ensuring their
safety. Fully automated through a
smartphone, VirtualTOUCH provides
access to a full beverage menu and
step-by-step instructions, while reducing
shared contact points. Additionally,
Bunn's system can integrate with 365
Retail Markets' payment app to add
coffee service to any micro market.
Bravilor Bonamat, a Dutch manufacturer
with a U.S. office in Aurora,
IL, now offers its SEGO bean-to-cup
machine with Contactless Coffee Control,
or the CCC app. It works with an
NFC reader that is compatible with
iOS and Android devices.
The CCC app is available as a kit.
Installation takes just a few minutes,
according to Arjan de Groot, vice
president of Bravilor North America.
Once installed, the option to select and
dispense a beverage via the CCC app
is visible to the customer on SEGO's
display. After the one-time app download,
the client selects their favorite
beverage, and confirms their selection
by holding the phone near the front of
the SEGO. " The CCC app is swift and
simple to use, " De Groot said.
" The app was developed as a
conscious decision not to charge the
operator repeatedly for modems and
fixed subscription and data costs, "
De Groot added. " We've heard from
our customers that the low entryto-market
cost helps them add the
touchless feature to the SEGO, giving
their clients peace of mind and an
improved guest experience, without a
big additional investment. "
SEGO is Bravilor Bonamat's flagship
whole-bean coffee machine for the
new normal. It was created for smallto
medium-size offices accommodating
between 20 and 100 employees.
One of the things missing during the
homeworking period was the routine

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