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Louis Baresh holds a bachelor's degree
in business management from Oklahoma
State University. After graduating in 2019,
he worked for Ben E. Keith Foods as a DSR
and supply chain specialist. Beginning in
April 2020, he came to work for the family
company Executive Refreshments. Even though COVID
had just started, he always says, " I joined the industry
at the perfect time. " Since coming on, Baresh helped
reshape the company's marketing strategy through
a partnership approach and innovative technology,
helped diversify its customer base, and strengthened
the company culture. With these efforts, Executive
Refreshments was able to survive 2020 and see
significant growth in early 2021. From his success,
he was able to speak at the 2021 NAMA convention
about preparing the next generation of leaders in the
industry. Additionally, Baresh is a member of ELN, a
committee member of TSAC, and sits on the NAMA
Foundation Board.
Christopher Betti, director of sales at
Betson Distributing, is involved in all
aspects of the business. Not only is he
committed to Betson and his customers
but also to the growth of the industry as
a whole. He is a long-standing member of
NAMA and many state associations. He participates in
local and national lobby efforts supporting the industry
at large. Betti received his bachelor's degree from St.
Thomas Aquinas College. He has a respect for the
history of both the vending and game side of the
business while being committed to keeping equipment
distribution relevant to the next generation of vending
and game operators.
Christopher Blomquist is the director of
marketing at Parlevel Systems, a global
solutions provider for unattended retail
operators. An industry veteran of over
seven years, he joined Parlevel after
graduating from Trinity University in 2015
with a bachelor's degree in marketing
and psychology. With a focus on brand storytelling,
creative leadership and revenue marketing, he has
helped transform Parlevel from tech startup to a major
player in the wide world of unattended retail. Through
his work at Parlevel, Blomquist has helped educate
operators on methods to improve their business. To that
end, he has published over 200 blogs including operator
testimonials, technology spotlights, operational best
practices and more. He has also collaborated with the
National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA)
to create over a dozen educational presentations on
topics including the labor shortage, how to successfully
run micro markets, evolving technology in unattended
retail, and others.
Mac Bolak has been starting companies
in the artificial intelligence space since
he was a teenager, including a venture
capital-backed company that used AI to
edit basketball footage autonomously
for basketball coaches. In 2019, he
founded Panoptyc, a leading security company in
the micro market industry. Panoptyc was awarded
Automatic Merchandiser's 2022 Technology Product
of the Year. The company works with industry leaders
and is in over 4,000 micro markets across the U.S.,
Canada and Europe. Panoptyc uses cutting-edge
AI software and smart cameras to decrease theft
in micro markets and save operators time reviewing
footage. As a young and determined visionary, Bolak
knows the industry inside and out and is continuously
looking to improve Panoptyc's services while also
exploring new opportunities within the industry.
Carrie Bompiani is an administrative
assistant at Unified Strategies Group. She
has been a part of the team for almost
four years. In her position, she is a capable,
determined and hardworking individual
with a pleasant attitude. She maintains
the workflow of the office with thorough knowledge
of policies and procedures. She has exemplary skills in
customer service, communication, work quality, positivity
and initiative. Her team enjoys working with her as she
is always willing to lend a helping hand and adapts to
challenges with ease. Her skill set has extended beyond
the tasks for which she was hired.
Dan Doromal, director of operations and
service at Everest, has been instrumental
in helping his company climb to the
top in reputation, earning a number of
prestigious awards ranking Everest as
one of the fastest-growing and bestperforming
companies in the country. The company
saw a 137% increase in revenue from 2020 to 2021,
and Doromal is largely the driving force behind that
success by negotiating contracts with vendors as
well as hiring additional staff. He works endlessly to
improve operations, communications and efficiency
while simultaneously rapidly hiring additional employees
to meet the demand for products. Everest more than
doubled its employees in 2021 and has already nearly
doubled it again within the first six months of 2022,
expanding its workforce by 278% since the beginning of
2021. Under Doromal's leadership, Everest continues to
set, meet and exceed ambitious goals for growth in all
arenas - sales, size, performance and more.
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