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Lindsay Easter is a member of Gimme's
operations team and wears many hats
within the organization. While she is
relatively new to this industry, she is
quickly making an impact both within
Gimme and the industry as a whole.
She has been recognized by Vending Market Watch
and Automatic Merchandiser as one of 2021's Pros
to Know and Most Influential Women in Convenience
Services Awards in 2022. Using her experience in
customer service and operations management,
she liaises between developers and end users of
Gimme's hardware and software for purposes of
implementation, customer support needs and product
testing. She is determined to constantly improve and
share her knowledge of Gimme's products and the
convenience services industry via Gimme's over 260
help desk articles.
Luis Fernando Garcia, chief marketing and
operating officer with Marietta Cookies, is
a retail and marketing professional with
17 years of experience in consumer goods.
Garcia started his professional career
at Procter & Gamble where he learned
how to develop and execute the best go-to market
strategies to ensure brand success. While at P&G, he
was awarded the 2009 Global Brand Building Award for
Best Commercial Innovation and a 2010 Cannes Bronze
Lion for an innovative digital campaign. In 2012, together
with his dad, they started a new cookie company under
the brand Marietta Cookies based in Texas. He has
focused on creating innovative cookie items and market
them in a unique way to ensure success. The brand has
been successful, growing over 50% each year for the
past three years and is currently present in over 40
states across the U.S., partnering with key distributors to
correctly reach the self-service market.
Detlev Goedbloed, chief development
officer at API Tech North America Inc.,
received his MSc in commercial sciences,
studying in Europe before moving to
Morocco to gain experience in the field.
His success led him to a sales manager
position in China where he was responsible for the
Asia-Pacific region. During the following three years,
Goedbloed received his IMBA from the Sauder School
of Business in Canada and honed his craft and love of
people and business even further. Besides his family,
his strongest passion is helping companies grow and
run more efficiently. In 2018, he moved to Australia to
work as a management consultant and improved the
operations of companies from all types of industries. In
2019, he moved to the USA and was hired as business
development manager at API Tech, manufacturer of
Smart Pizza Vending Machines. Goedbloed was promoted
to chief development officer within the next two years.
28 Automatic Merchandiser * September/October 2022
Sam Hagan is the business development
manager at Quality Vending and Coffee.
Prior to assuming this role, Hagan
received a Bachelor of Science in business
administration from Park University in
Kansas City, Missouri. While earning his
degree, he worked for a national fitness chain, rising
through the management ranks as he contributed to
the organization's growth and improvement strategies
in sales, marketing and operations. At Quality Vending
and Coffee Inc., he leads the company's immediate
and long-range business development plans with a
focus on technology integration and client relations and
acquisition. Hagan also oversees engagement plans
to expand the family owned and operated company's
presence on social media and in the field. He believes
that the sky's the limit on the growth and potential of the
convenience services sector, as both industry veterans
and under 40 leaders continue to innovate and improve
upon the customer experience.
Dubravko Hendija, Televend's vice
president of sales and marketing, always
goes the extra mile for his team and
colleagues. His passion is ensuring that
everyone around him is set up for success.
He leads by example, modernizing sales
and marketing while promoting Televend's innovation.
Hendija is determined to show that hard work always
pays off. He likes to say that you can do big things if you
put your mind to it, so don't forget to have fun in the
process. For the past couple of years, he has focused
on building relationships with customers, suppliers and
distributors. Everyone wants to have him by their side as
he has a positive impact on everything he does. His work
ethic and dedication are two things his colleagues and
partners highlight when speaking about him.
Cory Hewett is the co-founder and CEO of
Gimme, a venture-backed tech startup. He
is professionally dedicated to helping fullline
operators and direct-to-store-delivery
(DSD) brands automate merchandising with
computer vision and artificial intelligence.
Gimme builds AI-enabled markets and vending inventory
control software. The company's hardware product, the
Gimme Key, is now the #1 invoicing tool for DSD at grocery
stores replacing outdated legacy handhelds. Hewett has
been awarded multiple patents and copyrights by the
USPTO and is extremely active in both the vending industry
and the Atlanta technology community. Hewett serves on
the board for Bloom Our Youth, a social service nonprofit
serving foster-care children and families throughout
Georgia and mentors first-time and aspiring entrepreneurs
through the Create-X organization. He is currently playing
an active role in the development of Fayette County's new
Trilith development in greater Atlanta.

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