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This annual program recognizes outstanding individuals who demonstrate leadership and a commitment
to advancing convenience services for vending, micro markets and office coffee service. The following award
winners have shown dedication to their companies, their customers and the industry.
Marcos Acuña is an Argentinian entrepreneur, founder
and CEO of Quick Scan & Go, a Miami company with a
mission to bring buying and selling experiences to the
21st century through the use of technology. Acuña has 20
years of executive experience in the food and beverage
industry. The Quick team, led by Acuña, opened Latin
America's first fully autonomous supermarket in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
in 2021. In 18 months of operation, they opened 16 Quick Scan & Go
markets in Argentina and 18 in the U.S. Before founding Quick, Acuña led
the FAN ID technology project for Latin America. He was also vice president
of the Banfield Athletic Club and chairman of the members subcommittee
and assembly member of the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA).
As a highly driven plant engineer for Everest, Jared Black
played a pivotal role in the development of Everest's
cutting-edge ice and water vending machine. His
unwavering commitment to optimizing manufacturing
efficiency was evident in the state-of-the-art technology
utilized in the machine. The process of achieving this
feat was not without challenges, but by conducting a
thorough analysis and optimization, Black was able to improve Everest's
commitment to sustainability by implementing a bottled frame design
that streamlined the manufacturing process and increased efficiency in
machine production and assembly. As a leader, Black spearheaded an
impressive team that brought in an expansion of new skills and ideas and
fostered a culture of collaboration, leading Everest to unprecedented
success in setting new standards for innovation and sustainability in the
vending machine industry.
Alex Braun
grew up working
summers at his
family-owned and
operated business
in Dickinson, North
Dakota. In 2017, he graduated from
Bismarck State College with two
degrees in pursuit of one day owning
Braun Distributing. After college,
it was his mission to help grow the
vending and micro market side of
the business. Braun Distributing had
always operated the old-school way
of showing up to a machine with a
truck loaded with candy and filling
the machine off the truck. And at
that time, they had just opened its
first micro market. Braun worked
with Cantaloupe to purchase
telemetry devices to install, which
now allows them to pre-pick orders
and deliver them in a more time
and fuel-efficient fashion. In the
last six years, they have opened 12
additional micro markets. Braun
looks forward to seeing what's
next in the vending industry as
technology continues to develop.
22 Automatic Merchandiser * September/October 2023


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Editor's Note: A continued comeback for office coffee service
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OCS Update: Technology is not enough without customer satisfaction
The OCS industry continues to make a comeback
40 Under 40 Awards
Sustainability: A critical issue and key selling point for OCS operators
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