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JB Bulcao is the executive director of the NAMA Foundation,
a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening and
advancing the convenience services industry. Bulcao's
current focus at the NAMA Foundation is to provide industry
members the advocacy tools to make their voices heard
and educate policymakers at every level, in addition to
conducting research that empowers businesses to make
informed decisions and inspires industry innovation by delivering critical
data on workplace, consumer and technology trends. Additionally, Bulcao
has served for over two years as the National Automatic Merchandising
Association's board and governance liaison. In this capacity, she works closely
with NAMA's president and CEO, Carla Balakgie, on designing and executing
the association's leadership meetings. Bulcao finds this position extremely
rewarding, as she works closely with the convenience services' top leaders
on strategic planning for the continued growth of the industry. She has over
15 years of experience in fundraising, executive office management and
governance meeting design.
Charlotte Callahan, regional director for Canteen in Miami,
Florida, is a seasoned professional with a passion for the
vending, coffee and foodservice industry. With a career
spanning over 15 years, she has honed her skills in various
critical areas, including operations, client management,
team collaboration and strategic planning. As a thoughtful
and forward-thinking leader, Callahan has shown an
exceptional ability to navigate dynamic and fluid environments. She thrives
under pressure and consistently delivers measurable results through
effective process improvements and the cultivation of high-performing
teams. Known for her pragmatic and decisive nature, she takes ownership
of her responsibilities, ensuring every aspect of her work is executed
with precision and excellence. Her dedication to her clients has been
instrumental in maintaining high standards of service and quality. With an
unwavering commitment to excellence, Callahan continues to lead her team
with inspiration and dedication, fostering a culture of collaboration and
teamwork that drives the organization forward.
Thomas Denardo, national service manager for Everest,
has been instrumental in transforming the department
into a proactive and results-driven team since joining the
company. Through his leadership, they have implemented new
policies and procedures that have led to remarkable growth.
Denardo's commitment to data-based decision-making and
dedication to the department's success have influenced his
team to make informed choices and provide dynamic solutions, resulting in a
retention rate of 100% for customers. Together, they have successfully resolved
approximately 4,000 tickets this past year. By establishing strategic partnerships
with national service providers like Tech24 and Ken's Beverage, his team has
improved their reach and service, enabling them to become more customerfocused
and efficient. Denardo's dedication to fostering a high-performing team
and allowing continuous improvement opportunities has influenced excellence in
Everest's service department, contributing to its overall success.
Charlotte Callahan's dedication to her clients
has been instrumental in maintaining high
standards of service and quality.
Jared Detwiler has
been with One Source
Office Refreshment
Services in Pottstown,
Pennsylvania, for over
20 years including
both part-time and full-time work.
Graduating college in 2007 from
Shippensburg University with a
BSBA, Detwiler accepted a role as a
route supervisor. Later, he led One
Source as its operations manager
through the adoption of telemetry and
cashless payments on all of its vending
machines and the deployment of
Cantaloupe in its organization. Detwiler
is a member of the NAMA education
committee and participates in many
industry events. As vice president of
operations, Detwiler now leads the
operations and service/maintenance
department at One Source, focusing
on utilizing new technology in the
unattended retail space to gain
efficiency for the organization and
deliver the best customer experience.
Andrew Didier
co-founded Agora
Refreshments in
2009, embarking
on a transformative
journey alongside
his father. By 2018, he assumed full
ownership, propelling Agora to become
the Pacific Northwest (PNW)'s largest
independent operator, marked by a
significant expansion into Portland.
In 2020, Didier's innovation adapted
into " Remote Breakroom, " a venture
delivering custom snack boxes to
remote employees. Through Didier's
quick wit and ability to work through
adversity, Agora navigated the
pandemic, maintaining profitability
and swiftly regaining pre-COVID
revenues. In 2021, Didier harnessed
the direct-to-consumer concept,
creating Langskip Koffee Roasters
- a testament to his Seattle roots,
Norwegian heritage and passion for
coffee. Now, Langskip Koffee graces
Agora's clients and is independently
available on
Didier humbly credits his remarkable
achievements to his exceptional team.
In an evolving business landscape,
Didier's trajectory serves as a reminder
that amid challenges lie unprecedented
opportunities for growth.
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Editor's Note: A continued comeback for office coffee service
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OCS Update: Technology is not enough without customer satisfaction
The OCS industry continues to make a comeback
40 Under 40 Awards
Sustainability: A critical issue and key selling point for OCS operators
Work Smarter, Not Harder
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