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Kaitlin Dobson is the director of operations at Sheehan Brothers Vending (SBV). She joined SBV in
2015 and played a key role in launching the micro market program for the local Ohio company. Dobson
leads four operations managers who are responsible for 26 routes, and her marketing expertise
and problem-solving skills make her a great leader both internally and externally. She is talented at
leveraging technology and manipulating reports with Excel to drive efficiencies that increase profit
and create great customer service experiences. Dobson has developed employee incentive programs
around important KPIs, created various custom promotional campaigns and has built out a micro market
program from the ground up two times in the last eight years with two different kiosks providers and backend systems.
Scott Edwards, the visionary CEO of Drop
Water, spearheads a sustainability revolution
in the realm of bottled beverages. A Cal Poly
alumnus in industrial technology and packaging,
Edwards' trajectory has been illuminated by
his unwavering commitment to environmental
stewardship and innovation. Recognized as a
recipient of the Cal Poly Alumni Spotlight, his leadership steered
Drop Water to triumph in startup competitions and the acquisition
of the FedEx Small Business Grant. Notably, the company's pivotal
series A financing round, led by Culligan Water in late 2022,
marked a defining moment. Expanding into diverse venues such
as hotels, airports, gyms and campuses, Drop Water pioneers
eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastic, aluminum and
aseptic packaging. Guided by Edwards' vision, the company merges
business acumen, environmental responsibility and technical
expertise, laying a path toward a greener future within the
beverage industry. Drop Water is not only turning biodegradable
bottled drinks into reality but also cultivating a profitable venture
for forward-thinking operators and venues worldwide.
Brandon Emmons, vice president with DeMitri
Chesapeake Sales, has taken on a key leadership
roll within the company and has excelled in
developing new business with suppliers. He has
shown true commitment to not only customers
and suppliers but also to the convenience
services industry overall.
Detlev Goedbloed became the product
manager at Structural Concepts in 2023,
focusing on new product development
and managing the current product
portfolio. The company's latest innovation
is the Automated Retail Merchandiser, a
refrigerated smart solution for autonomous
shopping, and Goedbloed is dedicated to driving the company's
growth and improving its financial results. Goedbloed received
a Master of Science in business studying in Belgium and France
before moving to Morocco to gain experience in the field. His
success led to a job in China where he was responsible for
sales in Asia-Pacific. During this time, he received an MBA
from UBC Sauder School of Business and began a position
as management consultant in Australia. He moved to the
U.S. in 2019 and partnered with a French smart machine
manufacturer, as chief development officer, to build its
presence in North America.
24 Automatic Merchandiser * September/October 2023
With extensive sales
experience and a sales
career spanning 15 years, Phil
Hettlinger has spent the last
eight of those years focusing
on the food and beverage
industry as a regional sales manager. While
his career and accolades tell part of the story,
Hettlinger credits his time at Bowling Green
State University playing Division I baseball as
the real impetus for sculpting his work ethic
and developing his hard-working mindset. Even
though he has only been with AVB Sales and
Marketing for a year, he has built fundamental
relationships with his customers. Hettlinger
continues to set a standard of quality work
and customer relations within the vending and
OCS channels. His passion for the industry
and pride in his work have both helped him
as a territory sales manager, supporting his
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia-based
customers in expanding their businesses
through new product innovations and insights.
Mark Houseknecht, VP of
operations at Crickler Vending
Company, has overseen
all aspects of the business
for the past nine years.
Throughout his tenure, he
has led Crickler through significant growth
and change to become a leader in technology
utilization and provider of quality service.
Following his family's history of community
service, Houseknecht is involved in multiple
local community organizations and nurtured a
partnership with the Arc of Monroe to provide
employment opportunities to its clients. He
also helps in ensuring the industry's success
through his active membership in NAMA and
the NYSAVA and assistance in lobbying efforts
to create a successful business environment.
He has worked in family businesses since
graduating from Providence College in 2012
and enjoys working with family to build a strong
organization that provides the highest quality
service in western New York.


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