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Luke Schneider is the CEO and founder
of Fire Department Coffee (FDC). After
the company launched in 2016, it has
grown into a global sensation, providing
high-quality coffee and gear in both
e-commerce and retail environments.
As a veteran and retired firefighter, Schneider has
made FDC's core mission to give back to sick and
injured firefighters and first responders through FDC's
Charitable Foundation. Notably, the company has
created a proprietary spirit infusion process to craft
coffee with the essence of premium spirits in its line
of non-alcoholic Spirit Infused Coffees. Most recently,
Schneider has initiated new growth by fostering
relationships with like-minded companies that want to
support FDC and its mission to give back by serving FDC
in their storefront and office locations.
Yusuf Sharif is the co-founder of
Bluff City Vending in Memphis,
Tennessee, where he serves as
CEO and director of operations.
Sharif began his professional
career in education. He also
maintained several small business ventures before
co-founding Bluff City Vending in 2016 alongside
his wife and business partner, Kristyl GipsonSharif.
They have two children, Yusuf II and Leila.
In 2016, Sharif wrote a business plan for their new
company, and in seven years, helped grow Bluff
City Vending into a company that serves over 300
locations in the Memphis area via vending, OCS and
water. He worked as a full-time licensed teacher
and championship track coach while scaling the
business to where it is today. With a focus on
customer service, Sharif has developed great
relationships with clients leading to high customer
retention. The company has maintained yearly
growth of over 40% under his leadership. Some
of the solutions that Yusuf has developed include
employee incentives, growth acquisitions and
client relations programs. Bluff City is a member of
NAMA and the Greater Memphis Chamber.
Shane Spikes, general manager with
Deli-Matic, is committed to the growth
of the industry. He has served as a
VAMA board member for over 15 years
and an ACE Committee member, and
he has been honored with Vendor of the
Year for Virginia. Spikes was an integral figure between
VAMA and the State of Virginia to set standards for
micro markets. He is continuously pushing to grow DeliMatic's
business and the overall growth of the industry.
He is always open to helping other operators with
questions and gaining insight into how others run their
respective companies. His number-one goal with DeliMatic
is providing great customer service to customers.
Shane Swanson, sales and customer service
manager at Coley Canteen, has more than
seven years of industry experience. After
graduating from Ferris State University in
2012 with a bachelor's degree in business
management, Swanson began working for
his father, Mitch Swanson, and business partner, Randy
Coley, at Coley Canteen Food Services. Swanson is a
motivated, team-oriented individual who thinks outside the
box to develop new, creative solutions. His interests include
technological advancement, business acquisitions, account
management and micro market analysis. Swanson values
creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with his
accounts and industry peers. Working for a family business
has allowed Swanson to wear many hats, focusing on
serving his fellow employees and customers.
Yusuf Sharif has helped grow
Bluff City Vending, which serves over
300 locations in the Memphis area.
Mark Houseknecht
VP Operations
Congratulations to Mark Houseknecht
for making the 40 Under 40 list!
We are so proud of you and all the
work you do for Crickler Vending! | 888-284-6302
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The OCS industry continues to make a comeback
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Sustainability: A critical issue and key selling point for OCS operators
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