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A continued comeback
for office coffee service
Molly Rogers
Managing Editor
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our annual State of the Office Coffee Service Industry Report beginning
on page 16. This year's report for 2022 shows that the industry continues
to make a comeback, with revenue increasing 20% from 2021 to $2.49
billion. The report examines survey responses from small, medium and
large OCS providers, as well as full-line vending operations offering
office refreshments, and analyzes data from 2022 and performance in
product and equipment categories. OCS operators shared how they are
handling rising costs, what trends they are seeing in their operations
such as more demand for bean-to-cup and cold brew offerings, and
location types, new services and sustainability concerns.
And, you can read more about how operators are meeting customer
demands for sustainable solutions on page 34.
We are also honored to present Automatic Merchandiser's 40 Under
40 award winners, class of 2023. Meet the young leaders, starting on
page 22, who have demonstrated leadership and a commitment to
advancing convenience services for vending, micro markets and
office coffee service.
In this issue's operation profile, we turn the spotlight on New
The nomination
period for the
2024 Readers'
Choice New
Products of the
Year Awards
is now open.
New product
submissions will
be accepted until
January 5, 2024.
Jersey-based American Vending & Coffee Service. Drew Warner,
who took the helm of American Vending & Coffee Service in 1996,
carries on the legacy of the 56-year-old workplace refreshment service
founded by his grandfather, Morris Rood. " My grandfather poured his
heart into American Vending, " Warner said. " It is so important for me
to maintain that, not just for myself, but also for my family. "
Next issue, we will feature our prestigious Pros to Knows Awards,
which recognize convenience services industry professionals who are
leading initiatives to help prepare their company, organization and the
industry for the significant challenges of today's business climate. The
recognition program highlights both individual and group achievements
that promote industry innovation and future growth.
Lastly, the nomination period for our 2024 Readers' Choice New
Products of the Year Awards is open. The Products of the Year Awards
recognize new products for vending, micro market and office coffee
service that were introduced in 2023. The deadline to submit a product
is January 5, 2024. Product categories include: salted snack, healthy,
protein or meat snack, cold beverage, equipment, cookie and pastry,
candy, food, technology, OCS products, OCS equipment and systems,
and micro market solutions. Once nominations are received, readers
will have a chance to cast a vote.
Nick Montano
Joe Hessling
365 Retail
Automated Retail
John Reilly
Avanti Markets
Elyssa Steiner
Carl Moser
Evan Jarecki
Michael Miller
Paresh Patel
Jeff Deitchler
Prairie Fire
Tim McAra
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Editor's Note: A continued comeback for office coffee service
Industry News
OCS Update: Technology is not enough without customer satisfaction
The OCS industry continues to make a comeback
40 Under 40 Awards
Sustainability: A critical issue and key selling point for OCS operators
Work Smarter, Not Harder
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september-october2023 - Editor's Note: A continued comeback for office coffee service
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