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More OEMS and service providers
are building repair facilities to
take advantage of the increasing
demand for MRO services.
AAr's PAARTS Store provides
customers with real-time information
and immediate access to an inventory
of more than a million parts.

goods policies, and they expect 24/7
service with counter-to-counter delivery
on parts. Requests to drop-ship parts
from one supplier to the end customer
are growing. Communicating the status
of orders is essential-customers
want continuous updates of where
their parts are and how their aircraft is
White explained that while expectations for customer convenience are


e-Military Product News for Aviation

growing, so is the strain on the supply
"Overall, we are experiencing
perhaps the most significant imbalance between demand and supply
in the history of aerospace," White
described. "The demand for commercial aircraft is at an all-time high, which
has created a constraint on the supply
chain. The lead time on raw materials
has increased by nearly 75 percent

Winter 2019

over the past 12 months, which has
created a challenging environment for
OEM airframers to procure needed
materials. At Textron Aviation, we are
working to address this new reality in
a variety of ways-including increasing our inventory of spare parts and
growing our part warehouse storage
footprint around the world, so that
when our customers need help, we're
always ready to help."
"Our customers' top priority is being
able to count on us to have the inventory in stock and ready to distribute
when the order comes in and we strive
to deliver on that," added Young. "A
lot of customers are asking for more



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