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Renegade Jet Wash Solvent-Free Detergent
Renegade Jet Wash detergent
is formulated for optimal parts
cleaning without residue
buildup or bacterial slime.
Aqueous parts cleaning
combines water and detergent
at high temperature and
high-pressure force to provide
cleaner parts and faster cycle
times. Because Renegade
Jet Wash Detergent is a
solvent free aqueous cleaning medium, it contributes to
adherence of municipal discharge limitations and reduces
effects on industrial wastewater. Renegade Parts Washers
manufactures their own detergents and additives, answers
questions regarding issues such as excessive foaming or
rust prevention and provides Wastewater Approval Letter
Documents by State.
* Renegade Jet Wash Detergent is compatible with spray
cabinet automatic aqueous parts washers. Includes rust
inhibitor, and is low foaming and low residue.
* Renegade Jet Wash Detergent Liquid Sizes: 1 Gallon
Concentrate; 5 Gallon; 55 Gallon Concentrate
* Renegade Jet Wash Detergent Powder Sizes: 40 Lb.
Pail; 450 Lb. Drum
* Renegade Parts Washers and Detergents line also
includes additives, rust inhibitors, degreasers,
and defoamers. For more information, visit: www.

FlightSmart is designed to increase training effectiveness
and enhance safety through automated, intelligent and
objective training. With FlightSmart, instructors will have
a comprehensive understanding of a pilot's strengths
and weaknesses through access to real time data, which
objectively measures performance against the highest
standard parameters. This is accomplished using advanced
analytics and data collection from virtually any training
medium. FlightSmart enables instructors to proactively
address any deficiencies by optimizing the training
curriculum and focusing on areas that need improvement, as
opposed to repetitive actions rooted in a fixed syllabus. For
more information, visit:

Fuel Trailers

Air Cargo/ Conveyor Casters
Casters In Motion's heavy duty air cargo/conveyor casters
are specifically engineered for inverted applications for cargo
sorting decks, cargo dollies and conveyor lines. The casters
have a fully sealed precision raceway and the cap on the
raceway provides protection from the outdoor elements and
protects debris from entering the raceway. The polypropylene
wheel is offered with sealed precision bearings for longer,
sustained rolling with less noise. This feature offers a
maintenance free solution and increase the longevity of the
casters in the workplace. For more information, visit: www.

The Jet Fleet Management fuel trailers are professional use
trailers built for the flight line and built to last. Available in
NFPA 407 and ATA--103 code built trailers with available DOT
MC406 ASME code tanks. Model capacities of 280; 500;
750; 1,000; 1,250; 1,500; 2,000; and 2,500 compatible
with fuel types class 3 combustibles (100LL Avgas - Jet
A). Trailers include heavy duty DOT approved trailer chassis
with LED lighting and choice of aluminum, stainless steel
and carbon steel epoxy tanks. 12VDC and diesel engine
driven pumps from 25GPM-150GPM with optional enclosed
lockable equipment deck cabinet and hewitt API 1529 fuel
hose with OPW - HEWITT - GAMMON Fueling Nozzles. Facet
of Velcon filtration available. Optional fuel additive inject
system. For more information, visit:



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