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Abaris Training
Resources, Inc.
Specializing in composite repair training
for the military, Abaris
Training Resources,
Inc. is the leader in
advanced composite
training and consultation services, worldwide. Abaris has been
in business since
1983, serving the
DoD and all sectors
of industry that use
composite materials.
Abaris offers over 23
courses in engineering/design, manufacturing, repair, NDI,
and other related subjects. For more information, visit:

Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube
Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube is a dry film
lube that works wonders for clutch systems
or anywhere that lubrication is needed.
Containing no oil, grease, wax or silicone,
the Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube is noncorrosive inert to water, oil and many acids,
solvents and alkalis and comes in an 11
oz. aerosol can. The lube bonds to most
ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as
plastics, fibrous, wood, glass, rubber and
many other friction surfaces, and performs
well even under heavy load and pressure.
Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube greatly lowers metal-to-metal
contact, reduces power consumption and torque loss
without attracting dust or dirt. For more information, visit:

Vividia ET-3915 &
ET-3930 Industrial
Joystick Articulation
Borescopes for
Aircraft Engines
Vividia ET-39 Industrial
Articulating Videoscope Borescopes are a
series of high quality, durable borescopes designed
for industrial applications, such as aerospace,
aviation, manufacturing, energy, power generation and
transportation. Vividia ET-39 borescopes have motorized
joystick-controlled articulating with 360 degree bending
probe, 5'" LCD touch screen, 3.9mm diameter probe
tube and head and length of insertion tube can be 1.5
meter (Model: ET-3915) or 3 meter (Model: ET-3930). The
resolution of the probe camera is 400x400 pixels. The
touch screen monitor has snapshot and video/audio Record
functions, supports image process and analysis, HDMI
output, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless transfer function (for
Android system). The rechargeable battery can work for
>4 hours. The probe is protected with polyurethane and
braided tungsten mesh. For more information, visit: www.

FAA approved Supplemental Type Certificates
MORE Company, Inc. provides eight (8) FAA approved
Supplemental Type Certificates (STC's) for certain models
of PT6A engines to extend the engine TBO to 8000 hours.
The MORE STC uses an
enhanced maintenance
method to find and
correct problems in
their early stages. The STC's were designed to extend engine
life, reliability, safety, and to reduce the cost of operation
and ownership. The STC's are fully transferrable, there is no
fixed hourly hot section interval, and can be used by private,
commercial aircraft or military aircraft. For more information
visit or call 775.782.3346

Press-Fit ICMs
Bel Magnetic Solutions introduces single and dual port 1GBaseT Press-Fit
ICMs. These Press-Fit ICMs are designed for applications and processing
scenarios that require a connector that can be pressed onto the PCBA instead
of traditional soldering techniques. This series can also be used on PCBA's
thicker than .150in (3.81mm) along with traditional board thicknesses. For
more information, visit:



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