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Supplying the Supply Chain
With parts shipping to service locations locally and globally, there's more
to the aviation supply chain than what first meets the eye, with suppliers
actively meeting, and anticipating, customer demands.


aving the right parts and
an adequately stocked
inventory is crucial to the
success of any MRO, FBO
or other aviation service, but where
those parts come from, and how
they get from point A to B, is of equal
consideration. On the supplier side,
industry and market trends, customer
demands and technological innova-

tion are all pieces of the greater supply chain and impact how requested
inventory gets into the hands of
workers - often across the globe. For
a supplier, there's more at play than
Giving the supply chain sector an
examination, Eric Young, AAR's vice
president of OEM Solutions, said
current trends are positive.

"It's a healthy market for OEMs and
aviation services. One trend we are
seeing is more consolidation among
OEMs and a lot of MRO capacity being
added," Young said. "More OEMs and
service providers are building repair
facilities to take advantage of the
increasing demand for MRO services.
In regard to OEM Solutions, with our
capability to focus on product lines



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Supplying the Supply Chain
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