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links, and how do your solutions help
them solve their problems?

Pico Technologies 5-GHz PicoScope 9404-05 and 16-GHz 9404-16 Sampler Extended Real-Time (SXRTO)
PC-based oscilloscopes.

recovery, de-embedding, and many other
signal-integrity analysis features.

we provide deep analytics and visualization for any design.

Goto, Anritsu: With the 116-Gb/s PAM4
ED, the MP1900A has industry-best high
input sensitivity of 36 mV (typical at
53.125 Gbaud) that supports more accurate evaluations up to 116-Gb/s PAM4. The
MP1900A also has built-in clock-recovery
and equalizer functions that eliminate
the need for external equipment and components for faster testing and debugging.
By doing so, it simplifies the previously
difficult PAM4 error troubleshooting

Smith, Pico Technology: All Pico test-andmeasurement products are PC-based,
meaning that they take advantage of the
latest advances in PC processing performance and display capabilities, such as
4K UHD monitors.

Asay, Keysight: In today's high-speed
digital market, designers must get to
market as fast as possible. Keysight was
first to market to enable our customers
in developing solutions for PCI Express
Gen5, DDR5, USB 4.0, error detection,
and forward error correction. As part
of our PCI Express Gen5 Rx calibration
software, we offer the UXR with industryleading noise performance, which allows
for more stressing of a device than any
other solution. For our DDR5 solutions,
we are the only company to offer full integration from design through validation,
increasing the ease of use of our solutions.
Finally, with our PathWave 2.0 solution,



Burns, Samtec: OEMs want a complete
solution for their technical challenges. The
collaboration between eSilicon, WRT, and
Samtec offers a comprehensive solution
of ICs, interconnect, and SI expertise at
bleeding-edge data rates answering the
needs of next-gen system design.
Specifically to Samtec, the Bulls Eye
high-performance test system has many
key features and benefits crucial to system
design. Bulls Eye offers a compression interface to the board to provide easy on/off
and eliminate soldering costs, a small footprint design, microstrip or stripline PCB
transmission, support for 1.85/2.40/2.92mm jack/plug options on End 2, and phasematch pairs for differential signals

Key challenges
What key challenges do your customers
face in the design and test of high-speed
serial interfaces and communications

White, Rohde & Schwarz: One challenge
that we have observed with the customers
we work with is the increasing complexity
of high-speed interfaces as they are adopted into mainstream or nontraditional
applications. For example, 4K video is
becoming standard for new automotive
designs. The bandwidth requirements to
support this resolution force some automotive companies to implement higher
speed technologies such as PCI Express
or Ethernet. Another example is increasing bandwidth for radar digital backend
processing systems. Wider bandwidth
antenna arrays need higher throughput
to allow for real-time processing. This
might necessitate the move to an even
higher speed serial interface.
Mainstream designers who are moving
to higher speed links still need to address
system-level issues like power-supply
noise, EMI or common-mode voltage, high
bit-error rates, or even battery life (if applicable). The R&S RTP real-time oscilloscope
provides enough bandwidth to accurately
measure many of today's high-speed technologies but also includes a flexible suite
of signal-integrity debug tools.
Goto, Anritsu: Next-generation data
centers are developing 100-Gb/s per
single-lane transmission technology for
commercial deployment of 400 GbE services, resulting in increased demand for
53.125-Gbaud 4- and 8-lane PAM4 BER
tests to evaluate 400-Gb/s and future
800-Gb/s PAM4 transceivers and devices.
Since the PAM4 method representing
data with four amplitude levels has gaps
between signal levels one-third that of the
2-level NRZ approach, measuring instruments for evaluating signal quality must
have much higher input sensitivity performance. The MP1900A has industry-best
high sensitivity input of 36 mV (typical at
53.125 Gbaud). In addition to fast speeds,
the impact of transmission-path losses
in printed circuit boards, cables, components, and similar devices on measurement results cannot be ignored.
Evaluating the genuine performance
of the measured DUT not only requires

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