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Single-board computer
Avnet announced it is providing customers with the ability to focus more on the
software side of their development by launching MaaXBoard, a low-cost,
production-ready qualified single-board computer. Based on the
NXP i.MX 8M applications processor, MaaXBoard is suitable for
embedded computing and applications that leverage AI at the edge.
It supports design engineers and end-users seeking to create industrial
automation, multimedia, AI, and IoT applications with reduced cost
and time-to-market. With this new single-board computer, Avnet is further
enabling developers who are seeking new, flexible and cost-effective means to
design and test concepts. As a production-ready qualified unit, the MaaXBoard can
become part of an embedded hardware system, providing customers the ability to focus
more on the software side of their development. The MaaXBoard forms part of Avnet's
end-to-end product development ecosystem, helping to bring projects from idea to design, and
design to production. The platform's on-board peripherals include 2GB of DDR4 memory, a Gigabit
Ethernet port, dual USB 3.0 host ports, HDMI output, MIPI-DSI, MPI-CSI, WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, a
MicroSD card slot, and eMMC storage. The complete MaaXBoard kit is $79.95.


Programmable power supply
TDK Corp. has announced the TDK-Lambda 1U full-rack GENESYS
1.7-kW AC/DC programmable power-supply series. This platform
provides the user with a choice of ten different models, ranging
from 10 V at 170 A to 600 V at 2.8A, that suit design, test, and
measurement in the laboratory/R&D environment and address

RF vector signal generator
Saelig Co. Inc. has announced the availability of Triarchy
Technologies' VSG2G5C RF vector signal generator-a
pocketable USB-connected RF signal source with capabilities
that provide standalone and PC-controlled functions comparable
to full-size analog RF signal generators. Offering frequencies
from 100 Hz to 1 MHz (low-band) and 100 MHz to 2.5 GHz (RF
band) with a frequency resolution of 1 Hz, this unit's features
include frequency sweep, frequency hopping using I/Q
modulation, and arbitrary signal generation. With output levels
up to 15 dBm, signals can be delivered in CW, sweeping, and
hopping modes. An N connector provides the signal output,
while side-mounted miniature connectors provide I/Q input and
output. A pulse output is available at the rear of the unit.

Saelig Co. Inc.

market segments including automotive, aerospace, semiconductor,
industrial, and renewable/alternative energy. Built into a 1U-high,
19-in.-wide rack-mountable chassis, the 1.7-kW power supply
offers five embedded front-panel setup menus that address digital
communication, protective functions, operating configuration,
system configuration, and system triggering. All model functions
can be programmed locally via the menu-driven front panel or
remotely using software instrument drivers with any one of the
three built-in standard digital interfaces: LAN (LXI 1.5), USB 2.0,
and RS-232/RS-485. Other programming interfaces include the
built-in standard isolated analog program/monitor/control interface
and an optional IEEE 488.2 interface.

TDK Corp.



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