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are taking on a more significant role in
new transceiver designs for emerging
microwave communication applications."
"Recently Keysight introduced network
analyzes in three formfactors-USB,
modular PXI, and benchtop," said Matt
Campbell, product marketing engineer,
Keysight Technologies Inc. "We have
existing models in all three form factors
already, but the wide application coverage
makes the new models special. Now you
can fully characterize devices, no matter
which formfactor you're using while using
the same GUI and remote API."
Subbaiah Pemmaiah, application engineer, Copper Mountain Technologies, said
the SC5065 2-port 6.5-GHz and SC5090
2-port 9-GHz VNAs are the newest additions to the company's product line.
"These VNAs are compact in size and
yet capable of providing excellent 140-dB
dynamic range at 10-Hz IF, 16-ms/point
measurement speed, and a higher output
power up to +15 dBm," he said.
Roger Denker, general manager, MegiQ,
said recent products include the USBdriven VNA-0460 6-GHz, 2-port VNA
with PC software and the MegiQ VNA0460e 6-GHz, 3-port VNA with built-in
bias-T and bias voltage/current generator.

"We are developing a new generation VNA
with a wider frequency range and more
baseband processing applications," he
said. As for application areas, "We see
a growing business in RF tools for IoT
development," he said. "We also see innovative applications in detection using
VNAs to map reflection patterns." Denker
said MegiQ offers calibration kits for UFL
connector-based measurements and balanced measurements, affordable 6-GHz
SMA calibration kits, and an application
programing interface for production testing and other automated tasks.
Jason Chonko, applications marketing
manager at SIGLENT Technologies North
America, said SIGLENT's newest VNA,
the SVA1032X analyzer, "...extends our
vector measurements from 100 kHz up to
3.2 GHz. The SVA Series features an easyto-use interface and solid performance in
a lightweight benchtop design."
Picotest sells the OMICRON Lab Bode
100, the Keysight E5061B, and the R&S
ZNL, according to Steve Sandler, CEO of
Picotest. "The Bode 100 is our low-cost,
low-frequency VNA and the most popular," he said. "It is a true VNA (not just a
frequency response analyzer) that goes
to 50 MHz and supports S-parameter

MegiQ USB-driven VNA-0460 6-GHz, 2-port VNA and VNA-0460e 6-GHz 3-port VNA.

measurement (s11 and s21) and touchstone
output." He said Picotest supports a range
of applications with a selection of signalinjector accessories and probes that can
be used to measure components as well
as circuits.
"It should be noted that Picotest makes
accessories for all VNAs," Sandler continued. "We are the largest developer of
support hardware. Many of our products
are essential; you can't make the measurement with the VNA without an accessory
we make. We have the largest offering of
signal injectors, probes, and PDN cables."
He added that the company also offers
training, specialized demo boards, and

VNA differentiators
When asked what is unique about his
company's vector network analyzers,
Reyes said, "The Anritsu Non-Linear
Transmission Line (NLTL) harmonic
sampler provides optimum performance
of high-frequency measurements with excellent noise-floor performance and dynamic range. The compact Anritsu NLTL
modules offer industry-best calibration
and measurement stability at millimeterwave (mmWave) frequencies."
"With exceptional measurement performance becoming standard, it's hard to
buy a bad network analyzer these days,"
said Campbell. "Looking beyond measurement performance, Keysight considers the
many methods required to characterize
modern RF devices-spectrum analysis,
fixtured measurements, noise-figure/parameters, as well as new methods to accurately characterize your device using
active-parameters and EVM/ACPR. On
our network analyzers, we simplify RF
characterization by offering the broadest
software and measurement application
portfolio in the industry."
"The R&S ZNA family has exceptional
RF characteristics, highlighted by sensitivity, power sweep range, and linearity,"
said Pieciak. "It also has a modern user
interface and a unique hardware architecture with four internal phase-coherent
sources that provide new measurement
versatility for testing mixers or other frequency-translating devices such as satellite up/downconverters or TR modules.


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