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It offers two output configurations: -10 V to
+32 V (GX1838) or -20 V to +20 V (GX183820). Maximum current output is 500 mA.
And finally, MTS offers the GX7404
power interface, which features +3.3 V,
+5 V, +12 V, and -12 V outputs; softwarecontrolled on/off switching; remote monitoring of voltage and current; an external
power-inhibit line; and an on-board prototyping area.

modes include automatic test, OPP test,
OCP test, and battery-test functions."

Challenges, trends, applications
Several SMEs who provided input for this
article elaborated on the challenges customers are facing, industry trends, and

The complete version of the Programmable
Power Special Report is available on the
EE-Evaluation Engineering website at

1.	 4 Reasons Why You Need to Use Extended
Range Programmable Power, Versatile Power,
October 10, 2017.

Distributor offerings
Specific products that Newark offers include the GW Instek ASR-2100 compact
programmable AC/DC power source,
which provides an output rating of 0 to
350 VRMS AC and 0 to ±500 V DC and
output capacity of 1,000 VA. "The ASR2100 Series provides users with waveform
output capabilities to meet the test requirements of different electronic component developments, automotive electrical devices, and home appliances," said
Maureen Lipps, product manager, Test
& Tools, Newark, adding that the instrument offers three modes: a sequence mode
generates waveform fallings, surges, sags,
changes, and other abnormal power-line
conditions; the arbitrary waveform function allows users to store/upload user-defined waveforms; and the simulate mode
imitates power outages, voltage rise and
fall, and frequency variations.
Newark also offers the B&K Precision
8514 DC electronic load, which Lipps described as an affordable, laboratory-grade
programmable instrument suited for testing and evaluating a variety of DC power
sources. "It can operate in CC, CV, CR,
or CP mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and
displayed in real time," she said, adding
that the unit is fully programmable via
the RS-232 or USB interface and operates
between 0 and 120 VDC, 1 mA to 240 A
at 1,200 W maximum. A battery testing
mode provides the Ah rating of battery.
Newark also offers the MP710259 US
300-W programmable DC load from
Multicomp Pro, Newark's private label
brand. Lipps described the MP710259 US,
"It is a versatile instrument for static and
dynamic testing of power supplies, batteries, DC/DC converters, and battery
chargers," she said. "The MP710259's test
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