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Marvin Test Solutions MTS-3060A
SmartCan with kit.


By Rick Nelson, Contributing Technical Editor
	 Customers in the military/aerospace
test market are looking for a combination of flexibility, sustainability, high
performance, and low cost, often achieved
through deployment of commercial-offthe-shelf (COTS) products in MIL/aero
environments. Specific application areas
include upgrading legacy flightline systems to accommodate evolving smart
weapons, electronic warfare (EW) and
threat detection, and the commercialization of space (NewSpace).

Test sets to systems
Products that Marvin Test Solutions offers to help meet the challenges of military/aerospace test applications include
the MTS-3060A SmartCan Universal
O-Level Armament Test Set. "Marvin
Test Solutions developed, qualified, and
deployed an innovative O-Level hand-held
test set that supports both legacy and
Smart weapon armament systems test on
fixed, rotary, manned, and unmanned aircraft," said Stephen T. Sargeant, CEO. "The



SmartCan test set combines the power
of the big-box test set with the ease of
use of a hand-held test set, combining the
capabilities of multiple O-Level test sets
into a test set that weighs less than 4 lbs."
Sargeant described the MTS-3060A as
a battery-operated O-Level test set that
provides active test capabilities previously
unavailable at the flightline in a hand-held
test set. "Designed to functionally test the
MIL-STD-1760 Bus that enables Smart
munitions, the MTS-3060A SmartCan is
deployed today in many countries on F-16,
F-15, TA-50, FA-50, Hawk, F-18, F-5, and
unmanned aerial vehicles," Sargeant said,
with more deployments planned for 2020.
"The MTS-3060A SmartCan provides the
capability to actively test legacy and Smart
weapons and supports multiple e-load
channels," Sargeant said. "The SmartCan
generates audio and video signals required
to test armament for missiles that produce
tones or video for employment."
He explained that the MTS-3060A employs munitions emulation to actively

test armament for JDAM, AMRAAM,
and other 1760-based weapons systems.
"The MTS-3060A SmartCan records test
data that is tracked by tail number and
can be downloaded for trend analysis and
enhanced troubleshooting. Sargeant said
the SmartCan has been deployed since
2011, and states that is the only hand-held
test set on the flightline to deliver full
MIL-STD-1760 Bus functionality testing
capabilities (communication, arming, and
release), with field-upgradable software.
Sargeant continued, "Advanced cybersecurity features further differentiate the
SmartCan. Data encryption, test program
set (TPS) development, and a removable
hard drive in the form of SD storage all
contribute to the cybersecurity of this
test set. Our test software, ATEasy, is
the most cybersecure test executive on
the flightline today and is employed by
the SmartCan."
Marvin also offers the MTS-207 Rugged
Field Test Set (O-/I-Level). "The MTS-207
is a state-of-the-art portable PXI platform
for field testing and data-acquisition systems," Sargeant said. "Its proven architecture has been deployed worldwide on the
flightline, in the back shop, and in depot
as the MTS-206A Maverick Missile, the
MTS-209 Common Armament, the AN/
TSM-205B Hellfire System, and the MTS235A F-35 Armament Test Sets. The MTS207 combines the capabilities of the versatile and powerful PXI architecture in a
compact, ultrarugged, flightline-qualified
In addition, Sargeant cited the TS321/323 GENASYS Aerospace Test
System. "The GENASYS platforms are
PXI-based, customizable test systems
designed to address a broad range of
military and aerospace missions requiring high-performance automated functional electronic test," he said. "GENASYS
is available with a range of digital, analog,
and video instrument options to address
both LRU and SRU test as well as supporting depot and production test. The
GENASYS switching subsystem supports an 'any resource to any pin,' scalable architecture. From testing avionics


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