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to complete electronic functional test of
entire satellites, GENASYS meets the requirements of a plethora of customers."

Strategic test approach
According to Nicholas Butler, chief marketing lead for aerospace, defense, and
government at NI, "NI offers modular,
PXI-based measurement and control
systems that can be customized for each
application (and re-used across applications). As a leading supplier of PXI-based
chassis, controllers, and instruments, NI
provides a wide spectrum of measurement types, channel counts, frequency
support, and form-factors to meet the
needs of almost any aerospace and defense test application."
In addition, Butler said, "TestStand
software allows customers to develop
customized test sequences and routines,
giving them the ability to automate test
systems and thus optimize test times
and test cost. Veristand software allows
customers to perform embedded software
validation through hardware-in-the-loop
applications where they can import custom models and simulation routines.
FlexLogger software allows our customers to perform configuration-based
data-logging, without the need for complex programming, and SystemLink
software allows customers to remotely
manage systems and data across their
entire enterprise."
Nancy Friedrich, industry solutions
marketing for aerospace defense, Keysight
Technologies, commented on Keysight's
offering for EW applications. "Our solution combines UXG generators and adapters, calibration hardware and software,
and application software for prescripted
or dynamic threat-generation scenarios,"
she said.
Specific products include the N5193A
UXG X-Series agile signal generator,
N5194A UXG X-Series agile vector
adapter, N7660C Signal Studio for MultiEmitter Scenario Generation, Z9500A
Keysight EW Threat Simulation View,
and the Z2098B threat-simulation system.
"We leverage the commercial off the
shelf (COTS) expertise we have from
other markets such as communications/
fifth-generation (5G) to deliver scalable,

high-performance EW test equipment in a
faster timeline," Friedrich said. "Our testing equipment provides realism and accuracy for evolving EM spectrum operations
with flexible, scalable threat simulation
and analysis solutions. We support the detection, identification, and location of RF
emitters in the congested EM spectrum
to help our customers achieve confidence
in their electronic warfare innovations."

aero design verification. "Our 5G Radio
Communication Test Station MT8000A
supports frequency range 1 (FR1) up to
7.125 GHz, including band n41, and frequency range 2 (FR2) mmWave bands used
by 5G," he said. "When combined with the
Anritsu OTA chamber, the MT8000A enables mmWave band RF measurements
and beamforming tests to be made using
call connections specified by 3GPP."

Signal-analysis solutions

Capture and playback

"Signal-analysis solutions are vital in
streamlining today's battle for the electromagnetic spectrum," according to
David Summers, market development
manager, Federal, Anritsu. "A real-time
spectrum analyzer (RTSA), such as the
Anritsu Field Master Pro MS2090A, gives
military personnel new insights that
were very difficult to capture previously.
Traditional analyzers are limited to viewing only one segment of the spectrum at a
time. With an RTSA, the entire spectrum
up to a given span can be viewed continuously. This is extremely beneficial in
military and aerospace environments, as
it captures transient signals and tracks
fast-moving transmissions."

John Regazzi, Giga-tronics CEO and
acting director of marketing, said Gigatronics' products serve three main application areas: coherent electronic attack,
development of countermeasure techniques, and open-range air-crew survivability training. Giga-tronics has recently
introduced a coherent multichannel capture and playback system.
COMPASS, which stands for Coherent
Multichannel Playback and Acquisition
Streaming System, offers the capture and
playback of signals with up to 1 GHz of
instantaneous bandwidth anywhere
within the RF spectrum to 20 GHz while
maintaining a high signal to noise ratio.
Systems can be configured with up to 192
TB of solid-state drives (SSDs), allowing
more than five hours of record or playback
times of very wide bandwidth signals.
The system features a variable sample
rate that permits the playback of signals

Anritsu Field Master Pro MS2090A real-time
spectrum analyzer.

He also described Anritsu EasyTest
software, which enables experienced military technicians to generate step-by-step
test packages to help less experienced
users learn how to test specific systems.
"The inclusion of images, button pushes,
and limit masks enables measurements
to be done correctly each and every time,"
He described Anritsu's 4G and 5G
communications network emulators
as flexible platforms with modular architecture that also find use in MIL/

Giga-tronics COMPASS multichannel capture
and playback system.



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