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recorded on different systems and allows
the efficient use of the available storage."
Gregory Anderson, area sales manager,
and Darren Lingafeldt, vice president,
eastern USA and Canada, both at Averna,
said, "We are involved in programs that
range from software defined radio to virtual headset optics and alignment."
Averna offers custom solutions to serve
many MIL/aero applications, according
to Anderson and Lingafeldt. "From a testproducts point of view, Averna has a specialty in RF test including several off-theshelf solutions for record and playback,"
they said. "The RP-6100 Series is available
for testing up to four channels while the
RP-6500 enables wideband RF record and
playback, up to 500 MHz, across frequencies from 9 kHz to 6 GHz. These are in addition to our Iridium solutions for either
development or production."
Averna Iridium

Rohde & Schwarz R&S ZNBT40 vector network

On the benchtop, the R&S NRPM overthe-air (OTA) power-measurement solution can be used for functional integration
and testing. "The high-sensitivity, fully
calibrated system with low-reflection
dual-polarized antenna modules offers
reduced system-level measurement uncertainty," McCarthy said. "And it is scalable to customer requirements."
Rohde & Schwarz's R&S AMS OTA performance measurement software and R&S
ATS1800C compact antenna test range
(CATR) mmWave test chamber is well suited for system-level testing. McCarthy said,
"The CATR reflector with optimized edges
for uniform power distribution and highprecision surface finishing for minimal deviations in quiet zone, and the near-field
to far-field measurement software provide
the necessary plane-wave conversion for
correlated measurements."

Analyzers and more

Satellite communications
According to Darren McCarthy, aerospace
and defense technical marketing manager
at Rohde & Schwarz America, the company's solutions address development and
production testing from the chip level up
to final system-level verification.
"At the chip level, the R&S ZNBT40 vector network analyzer can be integrated
into a turnkey tester for beamforming
ICs," McCarthy said. "The R&S ZNBT is
the first multiport vector network analyzer offering up to 24 integrated test ports
with the ability to do high-speed simultaneous testing of multiple DUTs such as
transmit and receive components."



Tektronix serves military/aerospace test
in spaces like radar and EW, RF spectrum
management, communications and embedded systems, and big physics/science, according to Brad Odhner, technical marketing manager, for which the company offers
real-time spectrum analyzers, analysis software, and arbitrary waveform generators.
"The new Linux API on the RSA300,
RSA500, and RSA600 Series (USB RTSAs)
will serve to support applications such as
EW spectrum monitoring, deep-data signal analysis, RF sensor SIGINT, high-mix/
low-volume manufacturing programmatic control and test, and custom SATCOM
transmitter range testing," he said.
Odhner elaborated on real-time spectrum analysis, saying real-time spectrum
analyzers like the RSA7100B have an IQ
streaming capability.

He added that the capabilities are
tied to Tektronix's SignalVu-PC and
SourceXpress software offerings.
Brian Walker, senior RF design engineer at Copper Mountain Technologies
said the company offers a range of vector network analyzers from 9 kHz to 110
GHz, with compatibility for use of thirdparty frequency extenders up to 330 GHz.
"Unlike the conventional VNA, with USB
instruments, the user can easily upgrade
the external PC as needed to keep it up to
date and secure." Walker added the company's VNAs find use in materials testing
of radome materials, testing of phased
array antenna systems, distance to fault
measurement of avionics or shipboard RF
conduits, antenna VSWR testing, cavity
filter tuning, and other RF measurement

Data acquisition
Pacific Instruments offers the Series 7000
16-channel ruggedized Ethernet dataacquisition system, which can handle
harsh environmental conditions and
wide temperature ranges, according to
Patrick Rule, senior sales manager with
Pacific Instruments, a VPG brand. "Each
7000 unit has 16 MIL-style inputs and an
Ethernet interface for control and data
output," Rule said. "IRIG time may be
employed to synchronize sampling on
multiple 7000s within 10 μs, or a timing
pulse may be used to achieve better than
1-μs time alignment."

Pacific Instruments Series 7000 16-channel
ruggedized Ethernet data-acquisition system

Rule added that multiple 7000 systems
(up to 4,096 channels) can be connected
on a single Ethernet LAN, and each channel can sample at up to 200 ks/s while
maintaining 1-μs synchronized sampling
across all channels. "Series 7000 16-channel enclosures are designed for installation in wind tunnels, engine test stands,


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