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lack the durability required for mil/aero

supply (PBZ Series) can simulate a load
connected to the DC line of the battery
and DC/DC converter using the actual
waveform data acquired in the field for
evaluation and testing." A built-in waveform generator can be used for noise superposition and low-voltage power supply
voltage fluctuation test.

Power sources
"Pacific Power Source recently launched a
complete new line of linear programmable
power sources with a color touch screen
user interface aimed at Mil/Aero ATE power test applications," according to Herman
vanEijkelenburg, director of marketing at
PPST Solutions, the corporate affiliate distribution channel for Pacific Power Source.
"Pacific Power Source's new LMX Series
linear AC power sources meet the need for
low noise, low distortion, high-quality AC
power not available from general-purpose
switch-mode AC power sources," vanEijkelenburg said. "With both single- and
three-phase models covering a range of
power levels from 500 VA to 30 kVA, these
linear AC sources offer high-performance
programmable power with modern control interfaces like LXI-compliant LAN
and USB. Pacific Power also offers a broad
library of power test-compliance software

Chassis and connectors
Pacific Power Source LMX Series lineartechnology-based AC power source.

suites for airplane equipment, including
MIL-STD 704 and RTCA/DO160, as well
as manufacturer-specific test standards
for Airbus and Boeing."
Kikusui offers AC power supplies
(PCR-WE Series) that through parallel
operation can support outputs to 144
kVA; the frequency can extend to 5 kHz,
the spokesperson said, adding that it
can also serve as a DC supply that can
be used in power-supply fluctuation test.
"The high-speed amplifier bipolar power

Hartmann Electronic focuses on PXI/
PXIe, which Frank Godulla, CEO and director of sales, described as the leading
bus technology for modular ATE systems.
"Our focus is on extending our line of PXIe
chassis for both standalone setups as well
as for more complex test applications,"
he said. "The current 6- and 8-slot hybrid
Hartmann Electronic PXIe/PXI bus backplanes were designed in a modular way."
In related news, Justin Moll, vice
president of sales and marketing, Pixus
Technologies, said the company is offering a new product to address the trend of
aerospace apps starting to use SpaceVPX

End-to-End RF Electronic
Battlefield Creation
Stimulate electronic warfare systems with realistic RF battlefield threat emulation.
Capture EW responses with low noise, high resolution and high dynamic range
recording for high signal-to-noise ratio.
Playback captured or synthesized threat waveforms and electromagnetic
environments for radar and EW development plus test and evaluation.

Modularity delivers multiple channels for standard and custom
applications in a small form factor. Microwave Up/Down Converters
support any combination of streaming recording and playback plus
any PDW based threat emulation. Phase coherent design delivers
wide instantaneous bandwidth. Real-Time control enables high
fidelity multi-emitter emulation. Open architecture allows future
repurposing of assets.


2009EE_Giga-tronics.indd 1

Coherent Multi - Channel Playback & Acquisition Streaming System
* Agile, Coherent RF coverage to 20 GHz across all channels
* Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth
(1 GHz IBW @ RF, 2GHz IBW direct to digital)
* Up to 192 TB of solid-state memory for 11 hours/CH record
time @ maximum sample rate
* Field proven ruggedized configurations available


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