Evaluation Engineering - 30

1. nProber IV for
Semiconductor Fabs

2. Optical sensor

The nProber IV nanoprober
platform by Thermo Fisher
Scientific is a fault-isolation
system for semiconductor
fabs, to precisely locate and
characterize nanometer-scale
electrical faults impacting device
performance and reliability. The
system extends nanoprobing
to more users, while giving
them the data required for a
fast and efficient fault-analysis
process. The nProber IV provides
specific localization and accurate
electrical characterization of
parametric faults in advanced
FinFET transistors, by combining
an ultra-stable, temperature
control probing platform and lowenergy electrostatic nanoprobing
LEEN2 SEM column, enabling
probing at 100eV to support the
latest technologies.

Yokogawa has launched updated
versions of its AQ2200 optical
sensor modules. The AQ2200-212
single-channel optical sensor
module offers an analog output
port, and the AQ2200-222 has
two channels. Designed to
work with the AQ2200 series
frame controllers, both modules
have improved measurement
performance and low uncertainty.
The AQ2200-212 and the
AQ2200-222 both offer a power
range from +15 to -90 dBm.
The modules can also achieve
a seamless measurement of
approximately 30 dB without
switching the measurement
range. The modules also have an
improved uncertainty of ±2.5%,
compared to their predecessor's
figure of ±3%.

Thermo Fisher Scientific



3. Snap Action Switch
CIT Relay & Switch's VM3 Series
Snap-Action Switches offer
0.187" or 0.250" termination. The
VM3 Series is available in SPST
NO, SPST NC or SPDT versions,
with operating forces from 80gF
up to 180gF. This customizable
switch also offers actuator-lever
options of pin-plunger, roller
levers, hinge levers, and simulated
rollers. Common applications for
the VM3 Series include lighting,
security, automation, industrial
controls, gaming, among others.
Specifications and materials vary
with choices of options in this
customizable product. Lead-time
averages 6 to 8 weeks

CIT Relay & Switch

4. Open top Socket
for QFP216
Ironwood Electronics recently
introduced a stamped springpin socket addressing highperformance requirements for
testing 216-lead Quad flat-pack,
the CBT-QFE-3021. The contactor
used in the stamped spring-pin
CBT-QFE-3021 socket has a
14-gram actuation force per
lead, and a cycle life of 125,000+
insertions. The self-inductance of
the contactor is 0.88 nH, insertion
loss is <1 dB at 31.7 GHz, with a
capacitance 0.03pF. The current
capacity of each contactor is
2.9 amps. WIth a temperature
range from -55C to +180C, the
socket also features a top lid with
double-sided latch for ease of

Ironwood Electronics


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