Fleet Maintenance - 45

Increases speed with the
push of a button
The Wera Tools
Turbo features a part
time universal
gear integrated
in the handle to
increase the working
speed. The construction allows for four times
the screwdriving speed without electricity, the
company says. If required, the turbo function
can be activated by simply pressing a button.
Turning it off is recommended for loosening
or for fine adjustment and final tightening
of the screw with a high torque. The robust
steel design is maintenance-free and ensures
a long product life. The Kraftform Turbo can
be used with conventional 1/4" bits due to
its Rapidaptor bit holder, an interchangeable
blade system.

Silent and emissions-free
The Klein Tools 546Wh Portable Power
Station, No. KTB5, provides professionals
a silent, emissions-free
alternative to gas-filled
generators. Its pure sine
wave power supports on-site electronics, lights, fans,
battery chargers, and
small battery-operated tools. At 14 lbs,
the power station features two AC outlets, two USBA, and two USB-C ports so technicians have
what they need wherever they need to plug in.
The portable power station also offers a digital
display with real-time telemetry for input, output, and battery details, as well as collapsible
carry handles to allow for stacking.

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Do you operate medium
or heavy duty trucks?


Provides before- and afterservice vent temperatures

Provides comfort while standing
The ShopSol Supreme Anti-Fatigue Mat is
designed to create a healthy barrier between
the technician and the floor. The Supreme
series makes standing more comfortable by
reducing back, neck, leg, and foot fatigue associated with long-term standing. The mats are
offered in three sizes: 5' by 3', 6' by 2', and 3'
by 2'. All are 3/4" thick and feature non-slip top
and bottom surfaces. They are also available in
four colors: mosaic steel, black, gray, and black
with a yellow border.

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1934 Mack
Crane Truck

The Robinair Wi-Fi/Temperature Probes
Master Add-On Kit, No. 80211TMP, is designed
to provide feature and performance enhancements to all existing
new platform A/C
recovery machines
(NI, NI-H, and
AC1234-4). The
kit is equipped with
an SD card that enables
Wi-Fi functionality and over-theair machine software updates. It features two
Bluetooth temperature probes and is designed
to be placed in side, defroster, and face vents to
capture duct temperature. The kit communicates
with compatible Robinair A/C recovery machines
to assist technicians with service capabilities.
The kit adds before- and after-service vent temperatures to maintenance reports, allowing the
customer and shop to see that a proper repair
was performed.

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Industrial alternative to a manual wash
The ISTOBAL HW'Intrawash automatically cleans and disinfects the interior of trailers and box containers, reducing
water and chemical usage. Internationally patented and easy
to use and install, the HW'Intrawsh provides a professional
interior wash and an Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
compliant disinfection of refrigerated and dry van trailers, as
well as shipping containers. The machine can clean a 53' trailer interior in as little as three minutes and clean and sanitize
in six minutes, the company says. It applies bactericide chemicals and offers a safe and controlled
sanitation by using a high-pressure pumping system and a highly accurate chemical dosing system.
It also washes out and collects dirt and debris inside a hopper.

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Fleet Maintenance

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Fleet Maintenance

Uptime: The responsibilities of being an essential business
How fleets can benefit from today's 6x2 axle configurations
With greater voltage comes greater responsibility
How to manage unanticipated roadside events
Amping up the voltage
Getting the most out of fuel injection systems
Management: Do you sabotage success?
Economic Outlook: Dealing with a natural disaster
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: NASTF steps into the world of heavy duty
Tools & Shop Equipment Supplement: Diagnostic Tools
Tools & Shop Equipment Supplement: Power Tools
Tools & Shop Equipment Supplement: Specialty & Hand Tools
Tools & Shop Equipment Supplement: Shop Equipment
Tools & Shop Equipment Supplement: Tool Storage
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Fleet Maintenance - Uptime: The responsibilities of being an essential business
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Fleet Maintenance - How fleets can benefit from today's 6x2 axle configurations
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Fleet Maintenance - With greater voltage comes greater responsibility
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Fleet Maintenance - How to manage unanticipated roadside events
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Fleet Maintenance - Amping up the voltage
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Fleet Maintenance - Getting the most out of fuel injection systems
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Fleet Maintenance - Management: Do you sabotage success?
Fleet Maintenance - Economic Outlook: Dealing with a natural disaster
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Fleet Maintenance - Guest Editorial: NASTF steps into the world of heavy duty
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Fleet Maintenance - Tools & Shop Equipment Supplement: Shop Equipment
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