Fleet Maintenance - 46

Capable of heating
aluminum and steel

Leaves a protective
film on metal surfaces

The Induction
Innovations ALFe 3.5
Induction Heating
System is designed to
deliver precise, safe, and
reliable heat all while
saving time, consumables, and salvaging
parts normally discarded in the repair process. It's ideal for jobs
that require high-end
heat levels to release
seized parts and panel
bond adhesives from steel
or aluminum, including bolts, graphics, auto glass,
and stress relieving frame rails, and in fabrication.
The ALFe 3.5 features 230V/16A/P1, nine-minute
duty cycle, LED indicator, and a safety shut-off.

The Lawson Products
Drummond Engage High Tech
Lubricant with PTFE is a multipurpose lubricant formulated
with PTFE which provides ideal
lubrication over a wide temperature range. Engage penetrates
through rust and water to coat
and lubricate metal surfaces. It
leaves a protective film on metal
surfaces to resist debris and
control corrosion. Engage features a high dielectric strength
of 2.5mm and a temperature
range of -70 degrees F to 480
degrees F. It also spreads out
quickly to coat and protect
even the most intricate parts
and machinery.

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Offers a burst pressure of 22,000 psi
The Lumax Extended Heavy-Duty QuickRelease Grease Coupler, No. LX-1403-XL, is
designed with a proprietary locking and quick-release mechanism, which creates a leak-proof seal,
says the company. The design enables the quick
release coupler to firmly latch onto the grease
fitting, enabling handsfree greasing. If a fitting
becomes pressurized, technicians can depress the
thumb lever and release the coupler. The coupler
has an integrated 1/8" NPT connection and is suitable for use on most hand, battery-powered, or
air-operated grease guns and bulk grease pumps.
The coupler is 5" long by 1.2" high and has a burst
pressure of 22,000 psi.

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Multi-purpose spray lubricant

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The Coilhose Pneumatics Flexeel CoBlo combines the company's Flexeel Air Hose in hi-viz
orange and the CoBlo Coupler Blow Gun into one
product. The Flexeel Air Hose is constructed of
lightweight and durable polyurethane and has a
200 psi working pressure. The CoBlo is a high-quality six-ball coupler with a built-in blowgun. The CoBlo
has a 120 psi working pressure. With the CoBlo and
industrial connector always on, the hose is ready
to go out of the package. It works with the tool connected or disconnected.

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Fleet Maintenance | April 2020


Cuts up to 16 gauge sheet metal

Hot Shot's Secret Never Rust Lubricant from
Lubrication Specialties is designed to protect metal parts
from rust and corrosion. The multi-purpose, 100 percent
synthetic spray protects any metal surface and is ideal for
use on metal nuts and bolts, cables and chains, metal tools,
automotive parts, door hinges, locks, and more. Engineered
to be effective in extreme temperatures with an operating
temperature range of -65 to 300 degrees F, Never Rust can
be used in any climate. It is resistant to water washout and
will not dry out, separate, or bleed on equipment, the company says. In addition to rust prevention, it can be used to
remove gummy labels, tape, or stickers.

Ready to go right out of the package

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The Dent Fix Equipment Panel Saw, No. DF-PS36,
is designed to quickly and cleanly cut through up to
16-gauge sheet metal panels. Its lightweight, compact design reduces user fatigue and increases
stability around tight areas. Its double grip
handle allows for control and power in
a comfortable ergonomic design, and
its side guide allows for a precise cut
in a straight line. Other notable features
include 3/4hp, 90 psi, 1,000 rpm, and edge
control. The kit includes one steel blade. An aluminum blade is also available.

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Cutting capacity up to
3/4" 18 gauge rolled steel
The AIRCAT Flex Head Cut-Off Tool, No. 6530,
features a powerful 1/2 hp motor, AIRCAT patented
silencing technology, and a three-position indexable
head design. The tool is designed to make angled
cuts in tight spaces. The cut-off tool features 18,000
rpm, 360-degree rotational guard, and has a cutting capacity up to 3/4" 18 gauge rolled steel. It also
offers a quick slide locking sleeve design for fast flex
head position change and a rotational rear exhaust
with internal silencing to reduce noise level to 90
dBA. The tool weighs 2.6 lbs and is 8.8" in length.

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Features a 300-lb capacity
The Ascot Tire Dolly with Casters is ideal for moving tires around the shop or for convenient tire storage. The tire dolly features four swivel, non-marking,
smooth 3" casters, including a brake on one caster.
With its 300-lb capacity, the tire dolly can accommodate a heavy load and transport multiple tires with
ease, preventing accidents and injuries from tire
handling and transporting. It features a built-in compartment and stackable design to utilize the space
and store tires efficiently. The dolly measures 25.2"
length by 25.2" width by 4.33" height.

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Fleet Maintenance

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Management: Do you sabotage success?
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