Fleet Maintenance - 16

decisions based on the performance of vehicles
with those certain systems.
"[If] you're determining your useful life at that
high level versus realizing there's a component
that's causing you to have to shorten the life of
that whole asset, and if you were to improve
one part or multiple parts [of the vehicle
specification], that could give you [increased]
longevity of the asset," Rosa explains.

As the saying goes,
bad data is worse
than no data.

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16 Fleet Maintenance | August 2019

Additionally, because of
their relationships with OEs,
according to Rosa, Penske is
able to share insights on the
performance of these different
vehicle systems to allow the
vehicle manufacturers to make
improvements upon the design
of their products.
These benefits are also transferred to the lease customer.
"It allows a lease customer, instead of going only five
years because they'd do [one]
hundred thousand miles;
maybe they go six years because
the vehicle can now last longer,"
Rosa explains.
Fleet Advantage provides
an asset management solution
which combines leasing options
and comprehensive vehicle
performance monitoring. The
company offers flexible leasing
options through its ExchangeIT
program. Fleets who participate in this program also have
access to Fleet Advantage's software product called Advanced
Truck Lifecycle Administrative
Analytics Software, or ATLAAS.
An interface provides fleets the
ability to monitor and manage
their TCO, Holland says.
"Factors such as monthly
payment, interest, depreciation,
the cost of fuel, utilization, and
maintenance and repair are
all factored into an algorithm,"
Holland says. "Fleet Advantage
monitors the fleet by individual
vehicle and groups of vehicles
to determine the most cost-effective lifecycle and fleet optimization plan."
Fleet Advantage will provide
an assessment for fleet customers to provide individual
benchmarks, but also industry
benchmarks based on anonymous data from other system
users. Currently, they provide
these assessments for leased
vehicles, financed through
Fleet Advantage.
"What we provide to a client
is their information, but we can
also provide to them benchmarking data on a no-name
basis from other fleets," Holland

says. "So not only can they benchmark against
themselves, but they can benchmark against
others in the industry."

The case for shorter
vehicle lifecycles
The outcome of the collection and assessment
of data can help fleets determine when to cycle
out old equipment. A tipping point, or threshold,
can be set to determine the cost of a replacement
versus the repair of an asset. Southeastern Freight
Lines will set periodic mileage or vehicle age evaluations to do this.
"For instance, if a unit hits 750,000 [miles], we
are going to do an evaluation on the unit to determine what costs have been incurred and if it is
feasible to install a new engine, transmission, et
cetera into that unit," Long advises.
"Data is being leveraged by fleets today not only
to help with predictive maintenance, but also
to determine when it costs more to maintain a
truck as opposed to replacing with a newer unit,"
explains Fleet Advantage's Holland. "There are
many different areas fleets can focus on when it
comes to increasing reliability and lowering maintenance costs when evaluating lifecycle strategies,
but preventive maintenance is crucial. The more
money fleets spend on predictive maintenance,
the lower their overall maintenance costs will be."
Holland provides details on a real-world
comparison between a relatively old tractor and
a new unit, as it relates to maintenance costs.
"Data helped uncover the costs associated with
maintenance and repair on an older truck versus
those costs associated with a first-year truck," he
explains. "When analyzing operating costs for a
Class 8 heavy duty truck on an annual basis, the
maintenance and repair cost of a 2012 model year
sleeper is $23,100. However, maintenance and
repair costs on a 2019 model year unit first year
in service are just $2,070, a savings of approximately $21,030."
It is important to note that further evaluation
is required, to consider additional factors such as
upfront purchase cost or leasing terms and finance
rates, insurance costs, and fueling costs.
"The [Southeastern Freight Lines] Fleet Services
Department is always searching for methods and
products to minimize the maintenance cost that
is incurred during the life of our equipment," adds
Long. He provides an example of extending the
preventive maintenance (PM) schedule of the
company's trailers from five to seven years.
"With the improvements in lubricants, wheel end
manufacturer's warranties, and using disc brakes
on these units, we changed our process to every
seven years to do this work," he says. "With keeping
these units in the fleet for 20-plus years, we reduced
the major PM process by one event and lowered our
overall costs. This calculates to great cost savings
due to having 9,000-plus trailers in the fleet."
In addition to an evaluation of maintenance
and repair spending, the latest vehicle technology developments have allowed fleets to consider
shortening vehicle lifecycles.
"As fuel economy improves year-over-year,
uptime improves with each model year in gener-

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Fleet Maintenance

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