Fleet Maintenance - 31

»»Mobil's EZ Order app
allows fleets to adjust and
confirm order details when
fluid supply gets low and
a re-order is needed.

»»With the press
of a button, fleets
can streamline and
automate fluid
using the Mobil EZ
Order system.
Photo courtesy of Mobil

Innovative technology to
automate product replenishment
A system to help monitor use and reordering.
Mobil recently completed a pilot
program for its EZ Order system, a holistic technology solution designed to streamline and
automate fluid replenishment
for customers. The solution can
be scaled to the needs of each
customer, and includes a Mobil
EZ Order button, tank monitoring integration, an online portal,
and an smart device app.
The system works by placing a
self-adhesive button to a fluid
tank, which allows a user to
simply press the button when
supply gets low to place a
re-order. The customer instantly receives a text message
prompting them to confirm the
order details. Once confirmed,
the distributor and customer
will be notified by email and
the order will be fulfilled.

According to Cassandra Clarke,
on-highway offer advisor for
ExxonMobil, the goal is to
launch the full Mobil EZ order
experience later this year.
"We're happy with how the
testing and development process has progressed, and we're
confident that we'll be able to
deliver a high-quality solution
that helps fleet managers save
time and make their day-today jobs easier," Clarke says.
The types of fluids the system can help streamline
include heavy duty diesel
engine oils, greases, automatic transmission fluids,
and other ancillary fluids.
Clarke notes the pilot program
was a success and had nearly

Having an electronic system where all repair and
maintenance information is entered, along with what
type and how much of a fluid is dispensed, reduces the
chance of errors occurring. With many fluid management systems, the fluid entered on the work order is
the only fluid that can be dispensed. This can especially come in handy for more expensive synthetic oils.

Setting up a fluid
management system
When setting up a system within an existing facility,
there are options to consider regarding installation
without causing interference to technicians or maintenance operations.

400 individuals test the system.
For example, one customer
was out of the office and had
more trucks come into his fleet
than originally anticipated.
The fleet was quickly running
out of product. The customer
received a notification via a
button click from a technician,
and he was able to quickly
confirm the product order from
across the country without
having to make a phone call. A
simple "yes" replied to a text
confirmed the order. This prevented downtime in the shop.
The Mobil EZ Order experience is underway for a
wider commercial launch in
later 2019. Once launched,
the company is planning
to eventually incorporate a
predictive ordering feature.

Before the installation process begins, fleets have
a number of steps to consider.
"There's a number of different factors that you do
due diligence on the front end in order to facilitate the
proper recommendation," says Joe Bamford, regional
sales manager, SKF Industrial Sales-Lubrication, a
global technology provider.
He suggests looking at the number of dispense
points needed, the number of fluids to monitor, the
ability to add dispense points down the road, the
technician's current workflow, the current software
running the facility, and fluid tank monitoring.
The actual installation of a fluid management
system can occur during off-hours, such as outside
regular business hours or during lunch breaks.
Companies also offer several inventive features which


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Fleet Maintenance

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