Fleet Maintenance - 44

Built for efficiency and durability

Atomize fluids up to 42 gallons per hour

The OEMTOOLS 36" 8-Drawer Tool Cart, No.
24565, features
welded dual-wall
construction with
19-gauge steel for
durability. The tool
cart also features
heavy duty 5" x 2"
casters, four corner
bumpers on the
edges to prevent
dents or dings, and
full extension ball
bearing drawers to
slide in and out easily. The drawers have a 100-lb
capacity and a lock system that automatically locks
the drawers when the cart is in motion.

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Measures DPF flow rate and weight of filter
The Filtertherm Flow and Weigh Table, No. FTM
8003, by Redline Emissions Products measures
DPF flow rate and the weight of the filter to determine how much soot and ash was
recovered during the cleaning
cycle. The unit has a
digital scale and flow
read out, as well as
a shelf to hold a smartphone or tablet. The
stainless steel table top
allows for inspection
of a DPF (with wire rod
holder), along with weight and flow stations. It has
an ergonomic height for easy transport from oven
to table. Built from powdercoated stainless steel for
rugged wear and tear, and designed with lockable
caster wheels for quick portability.

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250-lb weight capacity
The Milwaukee Tool PACKOUT
Dolly is constructed with impact-resistant polymer
and has a 250-lb weight capacity. The dolly provides
users with a convenient way to transport their tools
and equipment throughout the job site. Its smooth
roll wheels allow the dolly to roll with a heavy load,
while a QUICKSTOP Loading Lever enables users to
hold the dolly in place when loading and unloading.

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Features spring-activated casters

Heavy Duty
Stands, No.
DB-20K, features
four spring-activated casters and
four adjustable
feet per stand.
Each stand includes
two wheel stops and has
a 20,000-lb capacity. The casters
allow technicians to move the stands
around the shop easily and to disengage when
minimum weight is applied. A minimum of 750 lbs is
needed to compress the springs on the casters to
ensure the stand is stable. The stands incorporate
turnplates and are sold in pairs.

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Exair's 1/8" NPT
Small Internal
Mix Spray
Nozzles combine
liquid and compressed air to
create a coating of
liquid that can be
adjusted to meet
the needs of the
user's application.
The spray nozzles mix the liquid and air inside the
cap and can atomize fluids up to 42 gallons per
hour. They are available in narrow-angle round pattern, wide angle round pattern, and flat fan pattern
and are used to coat parts in containers, cool laminates, or apply paint and lubricant. The stainless
steel construction of these atomizing nozzles adds
to their durability and corrosion resistance. They
also come in 1/4" and 1/2" NPT.

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Compact, pocket-sized floodlight
The Snap-on 900 lm Mini Flood Light, No.
ECFD0102, is a compact, pocket-sized flood light
that lasts for up to six hours of run time, providing
long-lasting illumination for hard-to-reach locations.
The strong magnet bracket, M8 hole for tripod support, and 180-degree swivel base ensure visibility
on the job. The Snap-on ECFD0102 is IP68 resistant
to water and dust infiltration.

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Provides accurate
cycles in a clockwise
directional use
The PKTPro Preset Click
Type Torque Wrench
Series is designed to
provide thousands of
accurate cycles in a clockwise directional use, says
the company. The torque
wrenches are made from
high-quality alloy steel
that meets International
DIN and ASME standards. These tools have
a 32-tooth quick-release
ratchet mechanism and
a distinctive click sound
will occur when the
torque value is achieved.
Four preset options are

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44 Fleet Maintenance | August 2019

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Fleet Maintenance

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Uptime: Is assessing cost-per-mile enough?
Do you know your TCO?
Vehicles: How to ensure optimum air system performance
In the Bay: The ABCs of ADBs
Shop Operations: The importance of managing fluid dispensing in the shop
Training: Invest in the future
Diagnostics: All scan tools are not created equal
Management: Are you good at PM?
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Cold weather solutions for fleets
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Fleet Maintenance - Training: Invest in the future
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