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What's new in products for more efficient fleet operation.

Baffled to prevent fuel sloshing

Wide tread pattern provides
even contact pressure
The NanoEnergy M671 Regional Drive Tire
from Toyo Tire U.S.A. is designed to provide
superior traction, fuel efficiency, and wear life. It is
SmartWay verified and offers improved tread compounds developed through the company's proprietary Nano Balance Technology. The M671 features
an advanced e-balance design to maintain tread
profile while reducing strain at the bead area and
belt edge for stability and longevity under heavy
loads, as well as a wide tread pattern with 3D sipes
to provide even contact pressure. The combination
of a high elongation top belt and stone ejectors
also help protect the casing from cuts and damage,
providing retreadability.

The Transfer Flow 45-gal Ford F-150 Midship
Replacement Fuel Tank is engineered for 2018 to
2020 gasoline Ford F-150 SuperCrew pickups with
5-1/2' and 6-1/2' beds, as well as the F-150 Raptor
SuperCrew with 5-1/2' bed. Each fuel tank is manufactured from 12-gauge ReliaSteel for durability and
strength, and comes equipped with a highly engineered emissions system to reduce the amount of
hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere. The
tank is ideal for drivers who want to maximize their
fuel capacity and driving range without sacrificing
truck bed space. The tank comes with straps and
mounting hardware, mounts inside the frame rail,
and is covered by a six-year, unlimited mileage warranty. It is 50-state legal and made in the U.S.A.
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Features a copy/clone capability
The Dynamic TPMS DVT-Pro Sensor is a multi-frequency programmable sensor with Dual Valve
Technology designed for installation by professionals. The single sensor solution is an addition to the
Dynamic DVT Pro-Select three-sensor offering.
It comes with the Dynamic 6-207A rubber valve,
which can easily be replaced with three other valve
options using the same sensor housing: the 6-225
brushed aluminum valve; the 6-203 chrome metal
valve; and the 6-225B black metal valve. The DVTPRO features fast wireless programming with no
pads or cradles needed to program the sensors, a
copy/clone capability, and eliminates the need to
breakdown the tire and wheel to reprogram.
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Meets global aftermarket
driveshaft requirements
The Dana Incorporated Spicer Driveshafts
for Mercedes-Benz/RAM Sprinter Vans are
designed to be drop-in replacements to eliminate
technician assembly time, allowing replacements to
be completed quickly and to get last mile vehicles
back on the road. They are designed, engineered,
and manufactured to meet global aftermarket
driveshaft requirements and provide top performance, reliability, and durability of OE products.
Features include: Spicer Compact 2020 universal
joints with a maintenance-free triple lip seal and
serviceable snap ring; Spicer center bearings interchangeable with OE components; and a Dana proprietary swage tube design that provides ultra-high
strength at critical speeds with clearances calibrated to OE standards for an ideal fit to the vehicle.
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38 Fleet Maintenance | August 2020

Features GPS tracking and
live vehicle health alerts
Ford Telematics from Ford Commercial
Solutions is a web-based software platform and
subscription service designed to help commercial
vehicle customers better manage and optimize the
efficiency of their fleets. Through Ford Telematics,
commercial vehicle customers can monitor their
fleets with GPS tracking and geofencing, get live
vehicle health alerts to plan and limit downtime,
set reminders for vehicle service, analyze driver
behavior, and help manage fuel usage to potentially reduce costs. As part of a Ford Telematics
subscription, commercial customers will also have
access to the Ford Telematics Drive mobile app,
which offers a user-friendly way to associate drivers with vehicles and for drivers to report the condition of their vehicles.
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Ideal tread for highly severe applications
The Vipal Rubber VT560 Tire Tread was developed to obtain high grip on different types of
applications, and whether on paved or unpaved
roads. It features Eye Control technology, which
assists the end user in identifying anomalies in
alignment, balance, and geometry, as well as the
suggested time of use and when to remove the
tire for a new retreading process. Its rubber compound ensures abrasion-wear resistance, making
it an ideal tread for highly severe applications,
such as snow and mud. It also features grooves
with variable carvings that avoid the retention of
rocks and objects and interconnected blocks that
provide greater resistance and support between
the base and the blocks.
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Fleet Maintenance

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Shop Operations: Extensive Service Networks to Improve Vehicle Uptime
Keeping Up with EGR Systems
The Lowdown on Grease
Management: Guard Against Mental Fallacies
Diagnostics: Scope Diagnostics Brings Heavy Duty Electrical Issues Into Focus
Training: ASE Entry-Level Certification
Fleet Parts & Components
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Guest Editorial: Considerations When Upgrading Vehicles to Steerable Lift Axles
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