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A roundup of the latest tool and equipment offerings.

Features internal torsion spring

Adjusts to four positions from 12" to 20"

The SP Tools by SP Air 12V 1/4" Hex Mini
Cordless Impact Driver, No. SP81141, delivers
66 ft-lbs of torque with a no-load speed of 2,200
rpm. It is ideal for working in tight areas. The
SP581141 offers a variable speed trigger with
brake, built-in LED to illuminate work area, one
hour auto shut-off charge time, and an ergonomic
soft grip handle. The set includes the mini impact
driver, 12V maximum lithium 2.0Ah battery pack,
charger, and a case.

The Snap-on P-Series Cutting Pliers feature
an added staked screw design to relieve foreign
object damage concerns. The pliers also have an
internal torsion spring that returns the pliers to
the open position and keeps them grip-friendly
and ready to work. Because the plier joints are
precision-ground, opening and closing friction is
reduced and the tool operates smoothly without
lubrication. The tool frames are heat-treated and
made with a hot-forged technology that aligns the
grain structure of the proprietary alloyed steel to
follow the profile of the shanks. The pliers stay
sharp through 200,000 cycles.

The AFF 22-ton Pin Style Safety Stand, No. 6522,
is ideal for supporting trucks, trailers, and equipment in industrial, agricultural, construction, and
industrial work environments. Its pin style design
provides maximum security and heavy gauge steel
frame design prevents warpage. The stand adjusts
to four positions from 12" to 20". Its large v-shaped
saddle allows for more contact with the load and
its 10" by 10" base provides added security. When
used in pairs, it achieves the capacity of 22 tons and
meets ASME-PASE 2014. In addition, its tethered
pin safeguards against loss and has a carrying handle for easy transport.

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Delivers 66 ft-lbs of torque

Features a +/- 3 percent precision
The Beta Tools Mechanical Torque Wrench with Digital Readout,
No. 665, is designed to provide smooth movements and offers a +/- 3 percent precision.
The click mechanism results in effortless movement and enhanced accuracy, while the digital reading provides a clear and straightforward display. The torque wrench has a three-point calibration for correcting non-linear spring behavior. Correction can be achieved without dismantling the wrench. The tool
also offers a quick, efficient torque adjustment.
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Delivers 2,300 bpm
The Matco Tools Long Barrel Air
Hammer, No. MT2916, delivers 2,300
bpm from a 3-3/4" piston stroke. Its patent-pending forward
grip design gives the technician tool control and helps maintain
the chisel on the workpiece and its valve body allows for more
air to be moved through the tool producing a more powerful
blow. The air hammer also features a rubber dampener to provide reduced vibration, shock, and hand fatigue as well as a front
exhaust system to direct air away from the user. The precision
machined piston and barrel provide consistent tool performance
even in extremely cold temperatures.

Portacool Jetstreamâ„¢ 240

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Self-adjusting nose pads
The Radians THRAXUS Safety Eyewear
is designed with straighter lines and
edgier surface junctions to give workers
contemporary high-performance protective eyewear with compelling features. With an
enhanced field of vision and cyclonic venting, THRAXUS offers increased protective coverage and fog reduction. The floating nose loop and adjustable nose
pads provide greater adjustability, stability, and a comfortable fit while the paddle-shaped temples distribute weight and pressure for all-day comfort.
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Fleet Maintenance

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Uptime: Wireless Data and the Future of Right to Repair
Editor's Note: Information Overload
Vehicles: Considerations for Winterizing Vehicles
In The Bay: Repair Information Resources to Help Drive Technician Productivity
Shop Operations: Extensive Service Networks to Improve Vehicle Uptime
Keeping Up with EGR Systems
The Lowdown on Grease
Management: Guard Against Mental Fallacies
Diagnostics: Scope Diagnostics Brings Heavy Duty Electrical Issues Into Focus
Training: ASE Entry-Level Certification
Fleet Parts & Components
Tools & Equipment
Guest Editorial: Considerations When Upgrading Vehicles to Steerable Lift Axles
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