Fleet Maintenance - 42


Multi-position ratchet bar locks into place
Use with pneumatic or electric wrenches
The Ascot Supply Dual Wheel Separator is
designed to quickly and easily remove stuck or
frozen dual steel wheels. It is ideal for use on
nearly any truck, bus, van, or trailer that has dual
steel wheels. The innovative one-piece pusher
won't fall apart during use, the company says.
The versatile tool can be used with pneumatic or
electric wrenches and is finished in manganese
phosphate to prevent rust. It comes packaged in
a sturdy and compact blow molded case for protection when not in use and is easy to store. The
set includes two pullers.

The AFF Viking 6-ton Ratcheting Jack Stand
Set, No. 55060, offers a wide pyramid base design
to provide added support and security. Its large
saddle allows for more contact with the load and
improves safety and its ratchet bar is made from
ductile iron for dependable strength and toughness. The multi-position ratchet bar also instantly
locks into place during adjustment. The set is made
from high-grade forged steel and meets 2014 PASE/
ASME standards. The jack stands measure 15-3/4"
in height and have a maximum height of 24-3/8".
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Portable with built-in compressor
The H&S Autoshot Nitro-Weld Plastic Welder,
No. UNI-8100, is designed to be an all-in-one solution for plastic repair needs in the shop with hot
staple, hot iron, and plastic welding capabilities
equipped. The system features a built-in air compressor and contaminate-free nitrogen hot iron/
staple capabilities when reflowing or stapling, making it ideal for professionals. The built-in compressor eliminates hoses and noisy shop bleed air while
allowing the system to be completely portable. The
system also offers digital control with two torches
for both air welding and hot staple/reflow functions.
It runs on 115V and features an easy-to-use interface panel, alarm indicator for low/no gas pressure,
adjustable settings, power settings for both hot
staple and hot melt/reflow, visual indicator nitrogen
alert, and hot air mode for gas conservation.
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For both
metric and
SAE sizes
Feeds wires through firewall
The Thexton Wire Insertion Tool Kit, No. 926,
is ideal for installing wires for audio electronics,
aftermarket lighting, alarm systems, remote start,
and more. The long steel tube provides enough
access to feed wires through the other side of
the firewall, even in marine applications. Having a
sharp point and solid handle allow the user to easily pierce through firewalls, rubber grommets, and
panels. The 3/8" tubing comes with a 35-degree
bend, enabling for more direction and control of
the pull-through wire. The supplied special tubing
allows the user to feed the tubing through the tool
and can be crimped.

The OEMTOOLS 6-pc 3-post Socket
Tray Set, No. 22337, is designed to optimize time
under the hood by eliminating time spent looking
for the right tool. The tray sets each feature an
extended base to keep sockets in place and to store
deep, semi-deep, and shallow sockets for both metric and SAE sizes for 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" drive sockets. Socket ranges include metric: 4mm to 15mm
(1/4" Drive); 6mm to 20mm (3/8" Drive); 10mm to
27mm (1/2" Drive), and SAE: 1/8" to 5/8" (1/4" Drive);
1/4" to 1" (3/8" Drive); 3/8" to 1-1/4" (1/2" Drive).
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Features one push, anti-hose whip technology
The Prevost prevoS1 1/2" Composite Body Safety Coupling is
available in industrial, automotive, and high flow profiles. With a larger
1/2" passage, service shops who maintain fleet or heavy duty vehicles and
industries, which require higher air requirements, will benefit from the increased flow rate
capacity to power larger pneumatic tools and machinery, the company says. The coupling offers
pressure from 29 to 174 psi. It is ISO 4414 compliant featuring one push, anti-hose whip technology for user safety. It also features an anti-scratch body to protect production pieces and
surrounding equipment and is ergonomic and lightweight.
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42 Fleet Maintenance | August 2020

Hydraulic unit provides quick lift
The OTC 3.5-ton Service Jack, No. LDJ35, is durable and ideal for both large automotive service
centers and one-person shops. The LDJ35 is the
optimal size for full-size pickups, SUVs, and loaded tradesmen vehicles. Featuring a dual-pump
design, the hydraulic unit of the product provides
a quick lift in just seven pumps under maximum
load, the company says. A padded spring-loaded
handle rapidly returns after each pump, allowing
technicians to lift the vehicle fast with less effort.
The LDJ35 meets all five ASME PASE-2019 safety
standards for service jacks.
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