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faults, change parameters, and initiate bidirectional controls - regardless of make or model.

OTA adoption on the rise

More fleets seem to be taking advantage of OTA
updates on a more regular basis.
"We're seeing 800 to 1,000 updates every month

ยป Noregon introduced TripVision
Uptime earlier this year. This
allows fleets to clear faults, change
parameters, and initiate bidirectional
controls remotely through an internet
connection. Pictured is a DPF regen.
Photo courtesy of Noregon




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34 Fleet Maintenance | December 2019

now," Daimler's Krajewski relates.
That is a noticeable increase from
when the technology was first rolled
out a couple of years ago.
"Acceptance is absolutely increasing
across the industry," Volvo's Makki adds.
"Usage of vehicle data and connected
data is becoming more a part of our
customers' day-to-day business. Almost
every vehicle has some connectivity
component to it now and we believe
over-the-air updates will continue to
progress in the same manner."
Telematics systems of the future will
analyze and optimize a vehicle's performance based on what users expect out
of their truck.
"Volvo Trucks predicts there will be
more intelligence both onboard and
offboard that will be working together to
create alerts, exceptions, recommendations, et cetera, on how the truck can be
tuned to increase performance," Makki
explains. "That may be changing some
of the specs of the truck, such as changing the power or shifting patterns to get
the best performance out of the truck
without having to bring it into a shop. It
could also enable fleets to adapt geofencing technology with parameter updates,
which is something that Volvo Trucks is
exploring as well."
"We started down this road around
2011 with our remote diagnostics platform, Virtual Technician," Daimler's
Krajewski says. "As we've evolved our
own connectivity platform and work
more with telematics providers to move
more data off of vehicles, the capability of
remote diagnostics has grown quite a bit."
"Over the past three or four years,
we and other OEMs have embraced
the concept of data collection to begin
building it into a more robust diagnostics scheme for commercial vehicles,"
Krajewski continues. "Plus, beyond
what the OEMs are doing, there are
third parties starting to get involved
that often have expertise in things like

data science. That is moving the industry even faster in the direction of more
responsive and in-depth remote diagnostics, which is of great value to a fleet."
Freightliner has a suite of services
under the Detroit Connect brand. Virtual
Technician is the remote diagnostics
service. Also offered is an OTA update
platform referred to as Detroit Connect
Remote Updates.
"In our latest platform of trucks, we
have our proprietary connectivity hardware onboard the vehicle, so we don't
have to rely on a third-party telematics
device anymore," Krajewski says. "This
provides the architecture in the background for the most secure OTA potential you can provide."
While numerous telematics providers remain entrenched in the industry,
the move toward more truck-embedded connectivity is a general industry
trend Krajewski says is starting to take
shape. That said, third-party telematics solutions continue to provide value
and are an option for fleets looking to
begin leveraging remote vehicle management technologies.

How fleets can begin
embracing OTA technology
First things first, a fleet needs some sort
of telematics device to interface with a
truck's engine and other components,
whether that device is embedded on the
truck or provided by a third party. A fleet
also needs some sort of web interface to
remotely communicate with the vehicle
in a highly secure fashion.
When looking at third-party telematics solutions, Noregon's Covington says
fleets need to be aware of potential
firmware limitations that can reduce
the available features and access to data
points on a truck.
"Noregon has designed its own hardware called the ND2, which does not

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Fleet Maintenance

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