Fleet Maintenance - 62

Filter screen protects
against debris

Detachable hood light
with dual output
The Alert Stamping Rechargeable COB LED
Auto Hood Light, No. LHR5200, features two
detachable work/flood lights with dual brightness
levels of 600 and 1,200 lm. The hood light has up
to a seven-hour run-time, is rain tight, and has a
magnetic base that tilts and rotates. It also offers
a bracket that extends up to 78" and can stand on
flat surfaces. The hood light can be used as a USB
power bank to charge devices. It includes a USB-C
cord and charger plug.

The Graco Oil King 25-gal
Used-Oil Receiver is ideal
for evacuation of fluids in
high-volume areas. This
unit features oversized
wheels that move smoothly
across uneven surfaces,
and a funnel that collects
fluid from both a drain
plug and a filter port. The
removable filter screen prevents debris from entering
the tank. The tank is made
from polyethylene and
offers a used filter tray, tool
holders, and a sight gauge.

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Offers 480 ft-lbs
of maximum torque
The Puma 1/2" Air
Impact Wrench, No.
AT-5641, offers 480 ft-lbs of
maximum torque and reaches
10,000 rpm of free speed. The
tool features a stubby design
and variable-speed trigger for
compactness and speed control.
This air impact wrench also offers
high durability and performance in
production, manufacturing, or assembly environments. It weighs 3.31 lbs.

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Offers wireless charging
The SP Tools SMD LED Work Light
and Torch is designed to be ultrabright with a high-powered LED
torch 150 lm top light. The light has
an adjustable dimmer ranging from
75 lm to 500 lm. It features a flexible
magnetic base and a 160-degree
fold-out hook. The worklight will run
for three to three-and-a-half hours
on full brightness and 12 to 15 hours
on the dimmest setting. The battery
is rechargeable and can be charged
wirelessly using SP Tools' Dual Zone
Wireless Charging Pad. The light has a
two-year warranty.

Easily interchange between Dodge
and Ford truck applications
The Cal-Van Quick-Change, Front Hub Removal
Tool for Dodge and Ford 3/4 and 1-Ton Trucks,
No. 90700, is designed to utilize force provided
by the vehicle's power steering to effortlessly and
safely free front wheel hub assemblies without damage. This tool is able to easily interchange between
Dodge and Ford truck applications, allowing technicians to handle two jobs with one tool.

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Offers up to 0.3hp
The Milwaukee M12
FUEL 1/4" Right Angle
Die Grinder, No. 2485-22,
is designed to offer up to 0.3hp performance, four-mode rpm control,
and the mobility to fit in tight spaces. As with all M12 FUEL products,
the die grinder features Milwaukee's
Powerstate brushless motor,
Redlithium battery pack, and Redlink
Plus Intelligence hardware and software.
Without the constraints of hoses or compressors,
users can utilize this tool almost anywhere they
can fit it. The kit includes the 1/4" Right Angle Die
Grinder, two M12 Redlithium CP2.0 battery packs,
M12 charger, two wrenches, and a contractor bag. It
is also available as a bare tool (No. 2485-20).

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Charges four batteries
The Clore Automotive SOLAR 4-Bank
6/12V 5A Battery Maintenance Station,
No. PL4050, enables charging and maintaining of four batteries simultaneously. It
features four independent output channels
delivering 5A of charging power each, three
12V capable, and one 6/12V capable. Each
channel is fully independent, so a problem
battery on one channel does not impact
the rest of the batteries under charge. This
also allows charging of any combination of
battery types across the four channels, as
the battery type is selected uniquely for
each channel. The unit comes equipped
with four sets of standard length
clamp accessories.

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62 Fleet Maintenance | December 2019

For use on tires up to 24-1/2" diameter
The Ken-Tool Mega AirBlast Bead Seater, No.
31445, features push-button technology to allow
for quicker release of air, along with a digital gauge
with backlight capability. Its 5-gal aluminum tank is
CE certified and is easy to handle. The bead seater
has an operating maximum pressure of 120 psi
and is nitrogen compatible. It weighs 11 lbs and
has dimensions of 25-1/2" length by 17" width by
11-1/2" height.

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Shop Operations: How to Prevent, Contain, and Clean Up Shop Spills
Management: A Guide to World-Class Maintenance
Training: What is a Bistable Relay?
Reman, Rebuild, Replace: What's the Difference Between a Supplier and a Supply Partner?
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