Fleet Maintenance - 40



Planning ahead for vehicle
cybersecurity threats

The before, during, and
after of protecting your
fleet against a vehicle
data security breach.


By Emily Markham

et's talk data protection policies - why fleets
should have them, how to put them in place, and
what happens if a fleet finds they are unprepared
in the face of a data breach.
Every fleet is at risk of a potential breach when
it comes to their vehicle's data security. Without
operating procedures in place on how to proceed
in the event of a cyberattack, fleets risk potential
vehicle damage and/or sensitive information being
leaked. In order to understand and implement a
data protection policy, fleets must first understand
who owns the data, who has access to that data,
and their responsibility to protect that data.

Data ownership and access

Though it would make sense that the vehicle's
owner is also the owner of that vehicle's data,
vehicle owners do not necessarily have the means
to access all of this data. Access and control of a
vehicle's data actually falls in the hands of the
vehicle manufacturer - at least currently.
"Vehicle owners have access to only the data the
vehicle manufacturers allow them to have," says
Sheila Andrews, director of heavy duty programs

40 Fleet Maintenance | February 2020

at the Auto Care Association. "This is typically
limited to the standard diagnostics data."
The Auto Care Association is a trade association
that serves the collective interests
of its members within the vehicle
service industry.
Considering the amount of
data coming from fleet vehicles - location information, tire
pressure, load balancing, engine
health, etcetera - having the data
contained on singular servers
controlled by the OEMs sounds like a hacker's
dream, Andrews notes. If hackers are able to breach
those systems, that could mean chaos on the roads
as they take over large groups of vehicles all at once.
Andrews explains the Auto Care Association's
solution to this issue is to incorporate an added
layer of security for the vehicle data, known as
the secure vehicle interface (SVI).
"[This] refers to a set of data security ISO
[International Organization for Standardization]
technical specifications that can be implemented
on all vehicles in order to approve the access to data
from a vehicle," Andrews says. "SVI is implemented
on each vehicle, independently of other vehicles.
Therefore, hackers would need to infiltrate each
vehicle, one by one, to cause any damage."
An SVI would also enable the owner of the vehicle to have access to all of the vehicle's data as
well as give them the power to choose who has
access to this data.
As it stands, though fleets do not have control
over all their data, they still need to be prepared

┬╗┬╗Fleets should make staying up to date
on new and emerging cyber threats
a priority to protect their data.

Every fleet is at risk of a
potential security breach.
to protect that data from those who may try to
misuse it.

Preparing for cyberattacks

The very definition of being prepared means fleets
must have a standard set of operating procedures in
place before a cybersecurity incident event occurs.
The Cybersecurity Unit of the U.S. Department
of Justice has put together a set of best practices
for victim response and reporting of cyber incidents. This includes steps to take before, during,
and after a cyberattack.
Below are some of the most important practices for
fleets to put in place to help secure their vehicles'
data, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.
Have an actionable plan in place

"Organizations should have a plan in place for
handling computer intrusions, data breaches, and


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